Scania Increasing Presence in Colombia

Scania is delivering 295 city buses to Bogota, helping to increase the company's presence in Colombia.

Scania has received an order for 295 bus chassis from the Colombian cooperative Coobus, one of the operators responsible for the public transport system in Bogotá. The buses will be delivered during 2012 and 2013 and will be put into service on new routes in the capital city’s TransMilenio bus transport system, which is widely recognised for its efficiency.

Bogotá has one of the world’s most highly developed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems, with 1,400 articulated buses in service, of which more than 200 have been delivered by Scania to date.

“As the city is located at 2,600 metres above sea level, high torque engines are necessary. Apart from our buses’ high quality, low operating cost and high passenger comfort, the customer thus also chose Scania based on our ability to deliver strong engines and robust chassis," says Enrique Enrich, Managing Director of Scania Colombia.

Scania is working actively to promote sustainable, flexible and cost-effective public transport in the form of BRT systems and other intelligent bus transport systems. It is a matter of delivering solutions that improve the attractiveness of public transport and reduce climate impact. 

“Every time a person opts for public transport represents a victory for the environment as well as improved mobility and economic growth," says Enrich.

Scania’s delivery to Bogotá consists of 277 two-axle city bus chassis with 250 hp engines and 18 three-axle articulated bus chassis with 310 hp engines. The buses will be bodyworked in Colombia by the Brazilian bus manufacturer Marcopolo. 

The deal is being carried out with assistance from the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), which will contribute financing of USD 90 M for Scania’s exports of up to 454 buses to Colombia.