Evonik Expanding Production Capacity in Asia-Pacific

Evonik Oil Additives announces it will double its current production capacity in the Asia-Pacific region to help meet growing customer demand for products.

Evonik Oil Additives, a world leader in lubricants and bio-fuels additive technologies, has announced plans to significantly expand Asia-Pacific production capacity. The additional Asia-Pacific capacity will almost double current capacity and is expected to be fully realized in 2015.

“As we listen to and respond to the needs of our customers in Asia, it’s clear that we must build significant additional capacity to meet their demand for our products,” explains Norbert Westerholt, managing director of the Oil Additives business line of Evonik Industries.

It was in 2008 that Evonik Oil Additives completed construction of its current Singapore facility with an objective of better serving customers in the fast growing Asian lubricants market. Now, only four years later, the company is aiming to expand Asia-Pacific capacity by nearly 100%. The expansion will increase capacity across Evonik Oil Additive's entire portfolio of products currently produced for the Asian market. From its current production location in Singapore, the Evonik Oil Additives business line ships lubricant additive products to customers throughout Asia, with the largest volumes going to China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia and India.

The expansion has been designed to include some significant process improvements to assure operation at the highest levels of safety, efficiency, productivity and quality. “The process improvements we incorporate into the expansion will provide additional flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs, and are designed to prepare us for continued growth as well as for the integration of new technical developments,” Westerholt adds.

The Evonik Oil Additives business line of Evonik Industries specializes in high-performance additives for lubricants and refinery products based on polyalkyl methacrylates (PAMAs). The specially customized VISCOPLEX grades allow the flow abilities, lubricating performance and crystallization properties of lubricants and biodiesel to be optimized over wide temperature ranges. Energy-efficient hydraulic systems from Evonik Oil Additives using its DYNAVIS hydraulic fluid technology save fuel, thereby reducing CO2 emissions into the environment.