J D Neuhaus Changes Logo and Slogan

J D Neuhaus has changed its company logo and slogan to better reflect the range of products and services it offers to customers.

Jd Neuhaus Newlogo
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With nearly 270 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high performance handling and lifting equipment, the J D Neuhaus (JDN) company has updated its logo and slogan to a design which more closely represents its latest products, including new developments, designed for applications in some of the toughest markets and environments.

For many years the logo slogan of ‘powered by air’ was fully appropriate for the company's full range of hoists, cranes and winches. More recently, however, the introduction of hydraulically powered products has been predominant, suitable for the operating conditions in heavy engineering markets such as shipbuilding, mining, tunneling and oil and gas exploration which all have their own unique requirements. To do justice to these developments, the logo slogan has been updated to ‘engineered for extremes’, which the company feels is more representative of its current product performance and developments. The new logo also incorporates a modern typeface which is more powerful and vibrant, reflecting the changes in the markets served.

JDN products incorporate 100% duty ratings, insensitivity to humidity and dust while operating at temperatures from -20 C to 70 C. They are ideally suited for working in hazardous atmospheres and are Ex rated for use in potentially explosive areas. Highly specialized operating conditions have also been accommodated, with hoists currently available for underwater applications (down to 70 meters in depth), as well as for operation at arctic temperatures down to -45 C.

To complement and supplement these changes, the JDN website address has been consolidated for worldwide operation to www.jdngroup.com. Users of the site will be automatically routed to an existing site appropriate for their country and language. However, all existing email addresses will remain unchanged at the present time.

In addition, the website now incorporates an interactive online platform that has been designated as JDN Community. This provides an exchange medium for anyone involved with the JDN company and its products. Technical issues can be raised, together with product user experiences with images welcomed illustrating application sites of JDN lifting and handling equipment. Anyone posting a JDN story on the site will be entered in a prize drawing for a seven day holiday. The site also links through to the J D Neuhaus Facebook page.