ZF eCALM Pneumatic Cab Suspension

The eCALM suspension includes new features such as leveling, lowering and raising machine cabs to different levels.

2020 11 24 18 Zf E Calm Electronic Cabin Air Leveling Module
ZF Friedrichshafen AG
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ZF's ongoing development of the CALM module has led to the electronically controlled eCALM, a pneumatic cabin suspension.

  • Reduced energy consumption due to use of new electronic control unit
  • Entire air system (compressor, accumulator, drier) can be designed to be smaller and lighter in weight
  • Compressor can also be operated electrically by integrating it into the suspension system which means it actuates based on need
  • Can generate air suspension in driver's cab in vehicles without a centralized compressed air system
  • Includes new features such as leveling, lowering and raising cabin to different levels
  • Ergonomic driving with slope compensation offers additional benefits such as access to difficult-to-reach components in the service position 
  • Can be combined with ZF’s semi-active CDC damper system to maximize drive comfort 
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