MSG 87 Seat Suspension

Grammer introduces the MSG 87 seat suspension which creates a smoother, more comfortable ride for heavy-duty equipment operators.

Grammer Msg 87 10937709
Grammerinc 10055488

Grammer introduces the MSG 87 suspension, which gives operators of large excavators, wheel loaders and dump trucks the comfort they need.

  • Enables smoother, safer work that is easier on the back
  • Highly robust, wide mechanical scissors-type suspension design
  • Can be combined with the S 700 seat top
  • Suspension stroke of 100 mm enables smooth driving, effectively absorbing vibrations and jolts
  • Integrated adjustment feature lets the height be varied over 80 mm, and any operator weight between 50 and 180 kilos can be set
  • Optionally available with fore/aft isolator integrated in the suspension to optimally attenuate vibrations in the direction of travel without increasing the seat index point (SIP)
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