Grammer's Acquisition of EiA Electronics Enables Better Integration of Electronic Technology for Operator Comfort into Seating Products

Through its acquisition of EiA Electronics, Grammer is able to offer its customers integrated electronic controls for enhanced operator comfort.

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Electronic control systems and the accompanying software are integral features in any modern vehicle. This applies also to the driver seat of an agricultural machine, which serves as the main link between the operator and the technology. There is a demand for manufacturer-specific and user-friendly solutions.

Grammer EiA Electronics stands for customer-specific solutions

In this environment, Grammer AG, leading supplier of automotive interiors and seating systems, acquired electronics specialist EiA Electronics N.V. – a Belgian company, in 2011. For more than 20 years, this high-tech company has marketed displays, control systems, multi-functional armrests, electronic control elements, communication modules and intelligent sensors. The focus of the company, and the main difference between it and other suppliers, lies in customer-specific solutions for off-highway vehicles. Grammer EiA Electronics doesn't deal in "plug & play" solutions. Rather, its experts integrate products specifically tailored to user needs. Thus, Grammer EiA Electronics function like an extended engineering department for its customers. Its express aim is to be integrated as early as possible into the development process of its customers, in order to generate added value through intelligent control solutions in the cab.

Electronics meet ergonomics

Through an intelligent merging of electronic with ergonomic components in its seating systems, Grammer now offers customers integrated and specialized solutions for optimum design of driver workplaces. These ensure the greatest possible comfort for drivers, as well as maximizing the potential from interaction between human and machine. The new capabilities mean that Grammer is far more than just a producer of seats – it is now a total system supplier for driver workplaces and vehicle controls. With the acquisition of EiA Electronics, Grammer AG is broadening its technology base and making a targeted investment in the strengthening of its innovation leadership. The combination of electronic and ergonomic component groups marks the first time that a leading seat manufacturer is in a position to offer customers commercial vehicle driver seats with integrated control elements as a complete system. At AG Connect, Grammer EiA Electronics presents a wide range of displays, control systems, multi-functional armrests, electronic control elements, communication modules and intelligent sensors.