AMETEK 8-Button CAN Keypads

The 8-button CAN keypads from AMETEK meet J1939 CAN requirements for all vehicle platforms.

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AMETEK Vehicular Instrumentation Systems (VIS) has added 8-button CAN keypads designed for rugged off-highway environments and easily customized to customer specifications.

  • Satisfies J1939 CAN multiplexed switching requirements for all vehicle platforms
  • Sealed to IP67 specification both front and rear
  • Meets all SAE J1455 and J1113 requirements for vehicular instrumentation
  • Features laser-etched silicone buttons or custom decal versions, along with multiple LED status indicators to show button status
  • LED status indicators and their brightness are controlled by command messages through J1939 CAN data bus
  • Can be oriented either vertically or horizontally, top-panel mounted with clips or rear-mounted with u-clamps, allowing for flexibility in vehicle mounting and various panel thicknesses
  • Keypad buttons provide tactile feedback, and are laser etched for longer life and durability
  • Decal version has domed buttons for increased tactile feedback
  • Custom icons are printed on a second layer for increased wear life and durability


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