ASA Electronics JHD1130WP Heavy Duty Radio

ASA Electronics' JHD1130WP Heavy Duty Radio has a short DIN chassis which fits into the 3 in. or less mounting depth found on many pieces of heavy-duty equipment.

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ASA Electronics has added the JHD1130WP Heavy Duty Radio, filling the need for a short DIN stereo as many excavators and other machines require less than 3 in. (7.6 cm) mounting depth.

  • Features short DIN chassis
  • Waterproof face (IPX5) suites side-by-sides and open station tractors, as well as construction and other heavy-duty applications
  • Provides 12V DC power with maximum power output of 30W x 4
  • Includes electronic AM/FM tuner and RCA AUX input pigtail
  • Safety features include NOAA 7-channel weather band and amber backlighted control panel buttons
  • Aux-in is off the back in order to keep it waterproof, so a jPortG is recommended during installation

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