APEM RGB LED Indicators

APEM has expanded its selection of LED Indicators with a new RGB illumination lens.

Q Series Rgb
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APEM’s expanding selection of LED indicators now include the latest RGB indicators.

  • Customizable and offers vast array of colors and tones
  • Mixing of primary colors (red, green and blue) enables additional colors to be available such as cyan, magenta, yellow and white
  • Panel mounted design
  • RGB provides bolder and brighter status indication 
  • Color animations can be adjusted by user
  • LED lens is available in flush or prominent
  • Fits Q10, Q14, Q16, Q19 and Q22 series bezels
  • Four-wires common anode means only accessible in terminal option 5
  • Standard 200 mm (7.9 in.) wire termination
  • Rear epoxy, front panel sealed to IP67 
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