Appareo Grip iPad Controller

The Appareo Grip iPad controller includes a direction pad and finger button which interfaces with apps connected to off-road equipment.

Appareo Grip Front With I Pad
Appareo Logo 2014 Rgb

Appareo has released the Appareo Grip iPad controller which enables more seamless interaction between iPad displays and off-road rugged equipment.

  • Convenient direction pad and finger button interfaces provide inputs to an app over Bluetooth, allowing gloved operators to interact effectively with iPad capacitive touchscreens
  • Delivers surface for steadying the operator’s hand while interacting with the display during machine operation
  • Sun shade improves device visibility in sunny conditions
  • Secures iPad under vibratory load while furnishing a standard mounting pattern for interface to all manner of ball/socket or suction cup mounts
  • Enables charging of iPad during use 
  • Works effectively with Appareo’s line of telematically-enabled electronic control units (ECUs) or as a stand-alone device

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