Advantage PressurePro Forms Partnership with Mobile Witness to Integrate TPMS Technology into Mobile DVR Solutions

Advantage PressurePro has formed an agreement with Mobile Witness to integrate PressurePro TPMS technology into Mobile DVR solutions.

Advantage PressurePro LLC, market leaders in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems and TPMS technologies, and Mobile Witness, an international provider of digital video recording and surveillance solutions, announce a partnership agreement that allows Mobile Witness to integrate PressurePro’s TPMS technology to its Mobile DVR solutions. The integration will enable drivers and fleet managers to monitor tire pressure data through PressurePro’s standard RS232-based monitors or through the Mobile Witness MobileLink software interface.

The new partnership results in additional options for drivers and fleet managers in public transportation, public safety, school busing and other fields who will now find it easier to monitor tire information for increased savings and safety. Maintaining optimal tire pressure not only results in cost savings due to extended tire life and improved fuel efficiency, it also helps fleets to decrease downtime, reduce maintenance and add safety.

Jason Szuch, President of SAY Security Group USA, the developer of Mobile Witness solutions, comments, “We’re excited about this partnership, and we think our customers will be as well. With PressurePro technology and our Mobile Witness solutions, our customers can now get more information through a single graphical interface to help them decrease costs, automate reporting about the state of their vehicles, and simplify fleet maintenance.”

“We are delighted to work with a partner with such a strong reputation in their market,” Phillip Zaroor, President and CEO of PressurePro adds. “PressurePro can add tremendous efficiencies for fleets. On average, we can provide a 2% to 3% savings on fuel, extend tread life up to 30%, reduce casing damage allowing greater retread ability, lower tire maintenance labor costs, decrease downtime due to tire problems and more. Through our partnership with Mobile Witness, this critical information becomes readily available not only to the driver, but also to maintenance and management, allowing fleets to revolutionize their tire maintenance programs.”