Ponsse's New Scorpion Harvester Includes Enhanced Operator Comfort and Visibility Features

Increased visibility, steering and comfort are just a few of the enhanced operator environment features included on the new Ponsse Scorpion harvester.

Ponsse Scorpion Forestry Harvester
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Ponsse offers the most comprehensive and versatile selection of the best forestry technology in the market – for all challenges in harvesting. At the Elmia Wood 2013 fair in Jönköping, Sweden, Ponsse will introduce new and innovative forest machine technology for productive and environmentally friendly logging.

The fully new PONSSE Scorpion harvester is the latest member in the range of the world’s leading cut-to-length forest machines. Incredible visibility and steering, unbeatable stability, power and productivity – bearing the environment in mind and with minimum surface pressure. The new PONSSE Scorpion raises productivity and ergonomics in harvesting to a whole new level and sets a new standard for the driver’s working environment. The service points have been positioned keeping the cost-efficiency and comfort of the work in mind. The new 4F engine and improved hydraulics have enabled extending the service intervals from 600/1,200 hours to 900/1,800 hours.

PONSSE Scorpion is a general-purpose harvester with a powerful and eco-friendly Euromot 4F-level 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine, and a large 210 cm3 working pump. And for those who need the maximum power, PONSSE ScorpionKing offers the same ergonomics with two-circuit hydraulics. In PONSSE Scorpion, the machine’s stability, the driver’s visibility, and cabin and crane levelling have been built without any compromises:

  • Unparalleled visibility to all directions, in all conditions
  • Levelling of the cabin and crane
  • Stability of the machine
  • Smooth and logical crane control
  • Long-term comfort and ergonomics

Unparalleled visibility to all directions, in all conditions

  • Fully symmetric crane and cabin on a single slewing ring -> good visibility to the harvester head, also at denser thinning sites
  • PONSSE C50 double arm lifting boom reaches over the operator -> the best possible visibility to all directions: front, both sides, rear and up
  • Visibility does not limit harvesting: selection of felled trees, felling directions and pile locations can all be selected on terms of efficiency and quality
  • Large windows with narrow pillars, including a roof window

Levelling of the cabin and crane
Scorpion offers significantly better levelling than any of its competing solutions. The axis point of lateral levelling is as low as possible thanks to the triple-frame structure so that the cabin and crane not only remain levelled, but also the sideways movement is minimised. This adds to the comfort of the driver, and always keeps the balance point of the crane and cabin at the machine’s centre line, improving stability.

  • Unique three frame structure -> the best possible cabin levelling
  • Low axis point of levelling -> minimized sideways movement of the driver and crane

Stability of the machine

  • An intelligent stabilizing system follows the position and load of the crane
  • Stabilizing cylinders press the rear frame and wheels down towards the crane direction, giving support to the machine while working on its sides
  • Stabilizing works also when driving, allowing the driver to work when the machine is moving
  • A safety logic stops driving if the system recognises that stabilizing can no longer keep the machine upright

Smooth and logical crane control
The PONSSE C50 crane with its smooth controls and logical movements is easy to adapt. As it has been built with the hydraulic parallel function familiar from the PONSSE C22 and PONSSE C44 models, it has a light and simple structure and is economical to use. The double arm lifting boom of the PONSSE C50 is fully symmetrical regarding visibility, maneuverability and the lateral point of gravity so that felling and processing are equally easy on both sides of the machine, and stability is excellent in all positions.

The parallel function of the PONSSE C50 crane is implemented with a multi-chamber cylinder which pumps oil to lifting cylinders according to the extension boom movement direction. As a result, the structure is even simpler and stronger.

  • Reach PONSSE H5 or PONSSE H6: 11 m, PONSSE H7: 10 m
  • Lifting moment, gross 252 kNm
  • Slewing moment, gross 57 kNm
  • Slewing angle 280 degrees

Long-term comfort and ergonomics
As customer feedback has proven, PONSSE Scorpion offers undistributed smoothness of working in a way that has never been experienced before. By removing all major factors that distract the flow of the work or cause tiredness for the driver, both comfort and productivity can be raised to a whole new level.

Euromot 4F-level Mercedes-Benz engine
PONSSE Scorpion is powered by a 6-cylinder 210 kW Mercedes-Benz engine that meets the upcoming emission regulations for off-road use. The engine is equipped with an SCR exhaust gas after-treatment system and cooled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system that significantly lower NOx and particulate emissions. Benefits of the new technology include, along with a cleaner environment, a better response to sudden needs of power and better fuel economy.

PONSSE Scorpion will be in serial production starting from the beginning of the year 2014.

Other ElmiaWood 2013 news from Ponsse


EcoDrive will be introduced as a standard feature in the PONSSE OptiForwarder PC system. It provides the driver with easy-to-understand and easy-to-utilize information about different driving methods and techniques, and the impact of machine adjustments on different phases of working. The system is also a big help in driver training.

The PONSSE EcoDrive software follows the machine control system and recognizes each working stage, and calculated working time and fuel consumption. Work phases have been divided into driving while empty, loading, driving while loaded and unloading. The driver receives real-time feedback on the economy and efficiency of working, being able to pay attention to what is essential in developing working methods and machine adjustments.

New PONSSE C5 crane for PONSSE Ergo harvesters

As the PONSSE harvester heads have grown more powerful and 8-wheel harvesters gained more stability and traction to access more and more difficult harvesting terrains, the requirements for harvester cranes have also grown higher. The new PONSSE C5 telescopic crane offers approximately 10% more lifting power, up to 25% more slewing power, and a more robust and reliably structure compared with its predecessor, the PONSSE C4. PONSSE C5 is an excellent choice for regeneration and sloping sites with large trees.