Bergstrom Manufactures 232,000th No-Idle Climate System

Bergstrom recently celebrated production of its 232,000th no-idle system worldwide.

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Bergstrom Inc., the global leader in the design and supply of climate systems to the commercial vehicle industry, recently celebrated the production of its 232,000th no-idle system. This milestone solidifies the company’s position as the worldwide manufacturing leader of these types of no-idle units.

The Rockford, IL-based company announces that it has produced more than 81,000 NITE (No-Idle Thermal Environment) units in the United States. In addition, DIRNA, Bergstrom’s Spanish subsidiary, has produced more than 152,150 units. Combined, the company has manufactured more than 232,900 no-idle units worldwide.

“We are very proud to reach this milestone,” says Jack Shaffer, President and CEO of Bergstrom Inc. “This level of production far outpaces that of our competitors and we look forward to continuing to produce high-quality systems for our customers across the world.”

While all no-idle units sold in North America are manufactured in Bergstrom’s Rockford, IL, manufacturing plant, its international product line is manufactured in Spain, India and China.

Bergstrom’s NITE units, which have been in production since 2003, are battery-operated no-idle systems that save fuel, keep drivers comfortable and help protect the environment.

The units reduce the average truck’s fuel usage and save the owner more than $7,676 per truck, per year in reduced fuel costs and maintenance. This is based on diesel prices of $2.00/gal. for a 6-cylinder engine, 1,000 idling RPM, eight idling hours per day, 300 days per year (Reference:

DIRNA’s product line, which offers similar fuel savings, includes the Compact, SlimFIT, Dinamic, Flat, Camper and Mochila no-idle systems.