Data Inundation Challenges Persist

Assigning appropriate software and hardware levels allow for data to be separated while still monitoring for optimum machine performance.

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Global Markets

In previous years, the BRIC countries were the primary areas of focus for global expansion and investment. Since then, Brazil and Russia’s prevalence seems to have waned. What do you consider to be the strong markets for opportunity around the world?

For MTS Sensors, the Asia Pacific region continues to be a point of focus for future growth. OEMs are continuing to adopt advanced technologies, such as our Temposonics® Sensors, to meet the customer needs of domestic and export markets. 

Politics & Government

What potential policies are you keeping your eye on that could impact (or have already impacted) your company, for the better or worse?

Steel & Aluminum tariffs; reciprocal tariffs

Although the steel and aluminum tariffs have had an impact on our manufacturing costs, our customers use far more steel in the manufacture of Hydraulic cylinders and off-highway equipment and are working to make sure they can secure appropriate sources for their production. Valuable resources are being spent in maintaining supply chains that could be spent in continuous improvement and new product development activities.

Diesel vs. Electric

How are you looking at engine system design and development for the future? Modularity? More integrated sensors? More compact design?

MTS Temposonics Sensors provide the ability to create a closed loop control system that allows for optimized tuning and matching of power of the engine system with the performance needs of the hydraulic system. With the control system the customer experience can be elevated while maintaining the highest levels of efficiency.

IoT & Connectivity

If you have already implemented some IoT opportunities, how has it affected your company? What are the long-term hopes or goals?

MTS Sensors also serves industrial machinery and liquid level markets that have been adopting IoT faster than off-highway. In those markets, we have already developed and are offering products such as the R Series Industrial sensors with TempoLink. With the experience of these products, MTS Sensors is well positioned to meet the off-highway IoT needs.

Automation & Smart Systems

What smart systems or components does your company currently offer? If they are application or industry specific, include that detail in the explanation.

With the addition of a Temposonics sensor to a standard hydraulic cylinder, off-highway manufacturers can take advantage of a smart cylinder in their machine designs. MTS Temposonics sensors meet the stringent environmental and EMC requirements of off-highway manufacturers. The ability to change the machine hydraulics control from an open loop to a closed loop provides many benefits to the end user.

Managing the Data Trend

What challenges remain or lay ahead for the continued and accelerated flow of data?

Machinery manufacturers are working with multiple levels of on board information, such as control systems, system status, and maintenance data. Assigning appropriate software and sometime hardware levels, allow for the data to be separated while still monitoring for optimum machine performance.

Challenges & Opportunities

Where are the challenges you are either currently dealing with, or foresee down the road? 

With the continued growth of the European and North American markets, and the increased technology adoption in the Asia Pacific region, MTS Sensors continues to innovate and meet the market demands for new products and applications. Our demanding customers drive us to provide the best solutions and support that we have established over the last 20 years in the off-highway market.