AGCO & BMZ Team Up for Launch of the Fendt E100, New Battery Electric Heavy Duty Tractor

The cooperative is founded on a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability and the promotion of electric and autonomous technologies in agriculture.

Bmz Agco Photo

AGCO Corporation, a global name in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and solutions, and BMZ Poland (the BMZ Group’s Center of Excellence for Heavy Duty applications), a provider of lithium-ion battery systems, have announced a strategic cooperation aimed at advancing sustainable agriculture and revolutionizing the farming industry.

According to the companies, the AGCO and BMZ cooperation is founded on a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the promotion of electric and autonomous technologies in agriculture. By leveraging AGCO's expertise in agricultural machinery and BMZ's cutting-edge battery technology, this collaboration aims to address the pressing challenges of modern agriculture while reducing the industry's environmental footprint.

Key highlights of the strategic cooperation include:

  1. Development of the Fendt e100 Vario Battery Electric Tractor: AGCO and BMZ have embarked on a joint mission to design and manufacture the Battery Electric e100 tractor. Specifically tailored for heavy-duty farming operations. This tractor will provide farmers with efficient, powerful, and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional diesel-powered equipment
  2. Enhanced sustainability: The adoption of electric technology in farming equipment will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution, and operational costs. This alignment with sustainability goals underscores AGCO and BMZ's commitment to protecting the environment and promoting eco-friendly agriculture.
  3. Technological advancements: The collaboration will foster the integration of advanced digital and autonomous technologies into farming equipment, enabling precision farming, data-driven decision-making, and increased productivity.
  4. Global reach: AGCO's extensive global network of dealers and customers, combined with BMZ's battery technology expertise, ensures that these innovations will have a wide-reaching impact on agriculture worldwide.

With this partnership, AGCO and BMZ have also announced the launch of an innovative new Battery Heavy Duty Electric Tractor – the Fendt e100. This tractor represents a breakthrough in farming equipment, offering:

  • High-performance electric propulsion systems.
  • Improved energy efficiency and reduced operating costs.
  • Reduced emissions and noise levels.
  • Enhanced precision and connectivity for optimal farm management.


The new Fendt e100 Vario boast exceptional technical parameters, setting a new standard in the agricultural machinery industry:

  • Energy density: These state-of-the-art batteries feature an impressive energy density which translates to longer operational hours and increased productivity for farmers. The high energy density ensures that the vehicles can operate for extended periods between charges, significantly reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.
  • Nominal capacity: Developed batteries offer robust and reliable power to meet the demanding needs of heavy-duty farming equipment. The 150 Ah capacity ensures that the BEVs can handle the most challenging tasks on the farm, from plowing fields to transporting crops, all while maintaining consistent performance.


This technology not only enhances the operational capabilities of the Fendt e100 Vario Tractor but also aligns with AGCO and BMZ's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly farming practices. By delivering higher energy density and a substantial nominal capacity, these BEVs enable farmers to accomplish more while reducing their carbon footprint.

This Heavy Duty Electric Fendt e100 Vario Tractor is a step toward sustainable and efficient farming practices, allowing farmers to embrace modern technology while preserving the environment for future generations.