Bosch Rexroth Reveals Electrification Products at bauma 2019

The company premiered the first components of its future electrification portfolio which includes motors, inverters and software.

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Technical progress is having a huge impact on construction equipment. Rexroth is combining its expertise in electrical industrial solutions and mobile applications with the long-time experience that Bosch has built up in the area of electromobility. The result is a broad portfolio of components for the electrification of mobile applications. Modular software and compatible hydraulic pumps complement the new 700V motors, inverters and gear units. As a result, Rexroth offers comprehensive system solutions that open new opportunities to the manufacturers of construction equipment. 

The market for mobile applications is ready for electrification. Electrification is answering to requirements like future emission regulations and increased efficiency. 

Rexroth recognized this need based on its domain expertise and is actively driving electrification with an extended product portfolio. Bosch Rexroth’s solution strategy considers the entire machine and enables manufacturers to expand their range of vehicles step by step. The aim of the market leader in mobile hydraulics is to gain a global leading position in this new segment. Therefore, Rexroth is leveraging synergies in the Bosch Group and is combining them with its deep application knowledge to create functional comprehensive solutions based on proven and new electrical components. 

Exclusively for bauma 2019, Rexroth presented the first components of its future electrification portfolio, which will range from motors, inverters, hydraulic pumps, and travel gears to software and system solutions.

The new 700V motor portfolio will be available in low- or high-speed versions. Two frame sizes available in different lengths and winding configurations in various power classes. This enables manufacturers to reach the highest degree of design freedom for the electrification of existing and new vehicle architectures. Frame size 1, with an outer radius of 130 mm, delivers continuous power of up to 75 kW. The high-speed version can provide up to 180 kW. Frame size 2 has an outer radius of 200 mm, with the most powerful variant capable of achieving 250 kW.

The new inverter portfolio includes several housing sizes and supports both 700V and 400V systems with motors up to 250 kW. Based on Safety on Board, developers and users benefit from the integrated safety functions for hydraulic and electrical systems according to ISO 13849. The inverters can be supplied with 12 V or 24 V and are equipped with high voltage connectors for safe wiring.

The new eGFT 8000 line of travel gears rounds out the mobile equipment electrification portfolio. In combination with an electric motor, these compact gearboxes create a space-saving drive unit for mobile equipment. Applications with a high driving-mode share, such as pick & carry material handlers, do not have to be elaborately redesigned for electric models. The newly developed compact gearbox does not require any extra installation space compared to conventional hydrostatic gearboxes. The outer gearbox geometry is identical to that used in Rexroth’s established line of GFT 8000 travel gears.

Rexroth offers modular software and the right hydraulic components for the entire electrification portfolio so that manufacturers of construction equipment can put their trust in total system solutions. In addition, Bosch Rexroth is intensely exploring energy storage technologies available in the market to streamline integration into the complete system.

Matthias Kielbassa, the project director for electrification of mobile equipment at Bosch Rexroth, is thinking about the future: “The electrification of off-highway applications is making rapid progress. With our products, we are creating a future that will be more efficient, produce less noise and emit less air pollution.” Rexroth is supporting existing and new customers in expanding their market position for mobile applications. To Kielbassa, this also means “…we will work as partners with our customers to find the best solution for their individual needs – for classic, partially electric or full-electric models.”