Technology News Tracker: Five Innovations to Cut Emissions

Volvo Construction Equipment recently examined five current technologies aimed at reducing fuel emissions.

#1 is interior cameras replacing sideview mirrors. The idea is not new. Many on-highway trucking companies have been pushing for its adoption because of the reduced drag on the vehicle, improving its fuel economy. Japan already made it legal in 2016.

#2 is the engine design regulations, otherwise referred to as the U.S. Tier and EU Stage regulations. Currently EU Stage V is set to be implemented in 2019.

#3 is biofuels created from vegetable oils, animal fats and even grease. While they are referred to as net zero emitters, the reality is that the energy to grow biofuel sources takes fertilizer, tractors, transport and conversion energy to create the fuel. Selecting the right crop is crucial for an effective replacement to petrol.

#4 is vibrating foot pedals. These intelligent haptic gas pedals provide feedback to drivers to optimize driving for fuel efficiency.

#5 is auto engine shutdown to reduce fuel consumption without impacting productivity. The technology automatically cuts the engine off when it has been idling for more than four minutes in a stationary position.