New Holland Agriculture Debuts Tier 4 Final Stackcruiser Self-Propelled Bale Wagons

New Holland's Stackcruiser self-propelled bale wagon models provide increased efficiency and reduced cycle times due to new larger displacement hydraulic pumps and fuel efficient engines.

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Anticipating the needs of commercial haymakers looking for the efficiency of a one-man operation in retrieving and stacking bales and who depend on strong, reliable equipment, the proven leader of haytools, New Holland Agriculture has unveiled a host of productivity-enhancing updates to the Stackcruiser self-propelled bale wagon product line for model year 2018.

“With more than 60 years of leadership in automated bale handling, we’re proud to say that we’ve made the Stackcruiser many operators know and trust even better,” says Daniel Valen, Director of Product Marketing for New Holland North America. “We’ve further increased the productivity of the already reliable Stackcruiser, and we believe that our customers will appreciate the increased hydraulic capacity and stronger operational efficiency they will experience when running a new Stackcruiser in the field.” Sc103 027

Models SC102 and SC103 are joined by the all-new SC105 offering, designed specifically to handle large square bales, making New Holland the only major equipment manufacturer to offer self- propelled bale wagons in two configurations. Each model will provide operators with increased efficiency and reduced cycle times thanks to new larger displacement hydraulic pumps. Productivity is further enhanced due to the powerful, fuel-efficient engines that deliver 190 hp and ground speeds of up to 50 mph when the load rack is empty. That means operators can get back to the field faster after unloading and stay in the field longer because of the increased fuel efficiency.

The Stackcruiser models are complete with five speeds for easy loading and transport, and the heavy-duty rear axle with automatic differential lock provides unmatched performance to ensure smooth, efficient power to for operation in soft or uneven ground.

Only New Holland bale wagons, powered by the ECOBlue Tier 4 Final-compliant engines, offer the versatility to handle a wide variety of bale sizes, including small square bales, large square bales or both. The Stackcruiser 105 is a cost efficient solution for dedicated handling of large square bales as it omits components needed to handle small square bales. The Stackcruiser 102 handles two-tie bales and creates stacks three bales wide, and the Stackcruiser 103 handles 16 in. x 18 in. two-tie bales and a variety of three-tie bales.

In addition to automated bale handling capabilities, each model features a comfortable cab with onboard LED work lights to provide improved visibility during nighttime operation. Operation and programming are completely intuitive and the new Stack Command II system provides a wide selection of pre-programmed and customizable bale stacking patterns.

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