Case IH Introduces New Tractors with Increased Horsepower

Case IH's new Farmall utility A tractors and compact Vestrum series tractor both feature more horsepower capabilities to help increase farmers' productivity.

The new Farmall utility A tractors are available in cab and no-cab models.
The new Farmall utility A tractors are available in cab and no-cab models.
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Case IH has added new tractor models to its product lineup for 2020. The company has introduced three new models to its Farmall family of tractors, the Farmall utility 95A, 105A and 115A.

In addition, Case IH has unveiled the compactly designed Vestrum series tractor as part of its livestock portfolio. 

Farmall utility A series

The new Farmall models provide more horsepower, durability and useful features that producers need to tackle demanding tasks on beef and dairy operations; mixed farms; and specialty operations, such as poultry farms, orchards and vineyards. 

“Producers need a reliable tractor that’s ready for a hard day’s work and offered at an excellent value,” says Greg Lucey, Case IH Farmall Tractors Marketing Manager. “These new feature-loaded models provide just that and also meet demands for the toughest chores around the farm.”

More power, no engine regeneration required

The new models feature an efficient yet powerful 4-cylinder engine that provides high torque for maximum performance — ideal for handling a variety of implements, such as a loader, round baler, auger, disc mower conditioner, disc rotary cutter and field mower. Designed to match the capacity of the Case IH L575 loader, these tractors are equipped with simple, powerful hydraulic PTO for increased productivity and efficiency. Boasting 120 engine hp1 the new Farmall 115A delivers 100 PTO horsepower— the highest available in the Farmall utility A lineup chassis class.

The same cutting-edge, fuel-efficient technologies available across the lineup of Farmall tractors are incorporated into the new models to maximize efficiency and power while increasing uptime and productivity. With a proven FPT engine, the tractors do not require a diesel particulate filter or regeneration. The technology is designed to increase uptime and decrease operating costs — all while meeting Tier 4 B/Final engine emissions standards.

“The fact that this lineup doesn’t require engine regeneration is a game changer,” Lucey says. “Producers often don’t anticipate the high costs associated with maintaining and cleaning diesel particulate filters in competitive models. Our advanced emissions system eliminates that worry completely.”

In addition, tractor models are engineered with more weight where it makes a difference — from heavy-duty powertrain components to the axle and transmission. Through this, Case IH creates a heavy, durable tractor to match demanding jobs and heavy loads. More weight enables operators to push more, pull more and lift more, and it may minimize the need for front and rear wheel weights.

The new Farmall utility A tractors feature a simple and powerful hydraulic PTO for increased productivity and efficiency.The new Farmall utility A tractors feature a simple and powerful hydraulic PTO for increased productivity and efficiency.

More standard features for a smoother ride

To help producers stay productive through long, demanding workdays, the new models feature an ultra-comfortable cab with easy-to-operate ergonomic controls and a flat-deck platform. A right-hand console keeps all the controls close to the operator.

More standard features are incorporated into the new models to ensure a better, more productive ride:

  • 12x12 clutchless power shuttle transmission helps ensure ease of operation and saves time
  • On the cab model, a standard high-visibility roof panel allows the operator to take on loader tasks — such as stacking round bales — quickly and safely
  • Four cab-mounted work lights provide ample lighting for maximum visibility
  • Air suspension seat ensures smooth, comfortable operation
  • ISO-mounted frame minimizes vibration and noise

Adding to the Farmall family

The new models are offered in cab and non-cab models, as well as a low-profile design for poultry and other specialty operations.

On the low-profile model, the low-clearance tire package is ideal for specialty operations where space and ground clearance are at a premium. An industry-exclusive reversing engine fan helps keep poultry farm operators running all day and prevents the engine from overheating. This feature enables the operator to clean the grill with ease, with the press of a button.

Vestrum series tractor

Delivering the comfort and power of a high-horsepower Case IH tractor, the Vestrum series combines maneuverability with premium cab comfort in a compact design, making it the go-to choice for any job despite conditions or space constraints.    “Before the Vestrum, producers couldn’t get a tractor in the 100 horsepower class with this amount of versatility and comfort,” says Lucey. “This all-purpose, premium tractor offers a range of functionality in a class all of its own.”

Power and flexibility to take on any job

Designed to handle even the heaviest tasks, the Vestrum tractor has a powerful 4-cylinder engine with a Wastegate turbocharger. The lineup consists of two models — Vestrum 100 and Vestrum 130 — with 28.5-gpm maximum hydraulic pump flowrate. With a 100 or 130 hp2 rating and a lift capacity of 6,700 lbs., the Vestrum tractor has enough power for a variety of applications, such as planting and baling. 

The short wheelbase, 55-degree steering angle and smaller chassis make tight spaces easy for the Vestrum tractor to maneuver. The size, power and maneuverability enable the Vestrum tractor to take on a variety of applications from dairy and beef operations to hay, forage and loader work, as well as winter snow removal and specialty crops. The LED light package allows work to start before sunrise and continue after sunset.

The Vestrum series offers two convenient transmission options: CVXDrive continuously variable transmission and ActiveDrive 8 dual-clutch transmission. Vestrum is the first Case IH tractor in the 100 hp class available with CVXDrive or ActiveDrive8 transmission options. CVXDrive automatically selects the most efficient gear ratio and engine speed to achieve target ground speed. It is optimal for applications on hilly terrains or frequent load changes. ActiveDrive 8 offers a wide range of working speeds without torque interruptions, ideal for long days in the field.

The Vestrum tractor has a powerful 4-cylinder engine with a Wastegate turbocharger.The Vestrum tractor has a powerful 4-cylinder engine with a Wastegate turbocharger.

Premium comforts in a compact design

Like larger Case IH tractors, the Vestrum series tractor is designed with premium comforts but in a smaller and more maneuverable compact design. Compatible with optional Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) and ISOBUS technologies, the Vestrum series tractor can be customized for specific operations. From the user-friendly in-cab Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Pro 700 display, all main settings are adjustable, including gear setting, general operation and setup displays.

“With such a wide range of customizable options — including AFS and optional suspended cab and front axle for better maneuverability and a more comfortable ride — producers can truly tailor their tractor to the needs of their operation,” Lucey says. 

A SurroundVision cab with a standard high-visibility roof panel allows for a 360-degree view of operations. The MultiControl armrest keeps all key controls in reach for added comfort and efficiency. Modern styling, including a sleek hood and grill design, give this tractor a luxury look and feel while a Bluetooth radio with a hands-free function keeps producers conveniently connected while inside the quiet cab.

1At 2,300 ERPM rated engine speed.
2At 2,200 ERPM rated engine speed.