New Holland Agriculture Introduces New T6.160 Dynamic Command Tractor

The new tractor includes fully integrated Precision Land Management Solutions for improved connectivity, productivity and efficiency.

New Holland Agriculture Widens Extensive T6 Tractor Range With Unique 6 Cylinder T6 160 Dynamic Command 571983
New Holland Agriculture
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New Holland Agriculture extends its all-purpose T6 tractor range with a new 6-cylinder model, the T6.160 Dynamic Command. This unique tractor combines the high performance of the proven NEF 6-cylinder engine with New Holland’s exclusive Dual Clutch and CVT technology to deliver high efficiency and productivity. This comes in a compact package with a 2.6-m wheelbase and 10.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).

Benjamin Davies, T6 Series Global Product Marketing Manager, explains, “New Holland has a proud legacy in this segment that started more than 30 years ago, when we launched the first compact 6-cylinder tractor on the market, the 7810. It was a true game changer, and the new T6.160 Dynamic Command builds on this rich heritage to offer farmers a compact low power Stage V 6-cylinder tractor with embedded technology for operator efficiency.”

The T6 range now offers two six-cylinder models with Dynamic Command: the existing 145-hp T6.180 and the new 135-hp T6.160 – the only compact 6-cylinder tractor on the market with rated power below 140 hp. 

Christel Diebolt, Product Marketing Manager, Europe, adds, “The T6.160 Dynamic Command delivers all the benefits of the exclusive Dual Clutch technology, which made its debut in motorsports in 1980, winning races thanks to the fastest gear changes on the track. Customers will enjoy a full drive without loss of torque during the gear change at the lowest fuel consumption rate.”

The T6.160 Dynamic Command will be available in the second half of 2021.

New Holland Agriculture Widens Extensive T6 Tractor Range With Unique 6 Cylinder T6 160 Dynamic Command 571985New Holland Agriculture

A winning combination: the proven FPT 6-cylinder engine and New Holland’s exclusive Dual Clutch technology

The T6.160 Dynamic Command features the proven, powerful NEF 6-cylinder 6.7 L engine that generates 135 rated horsepower and delivers a strong pulling away performance, engine stability with fluctuating loads, and effective engine braking in downhill operation and transport. 

The new T6 model features the exclusive 24x24 Dynamic Command transmission developed in- house by New Holland. The innovative design, with 8-step push-button gear changes using Dual Clutch technology and three push-button robotized range changes, ensures that the best gear for the application is always engaged. The clutches designed for fast gear changes combined with a fully automated gearbox always set the ideal ratio and reduce the need for operator input. The result is high productivity with low operator fatigue.

The NEF engine meets Stage V emissions standards with the high-efficiency SCR-only maintenance-free after-treatment system. Combined with the Dynamic Command transmission, the engine raises the bar on efficiency, achieving fuel savings of up to 9%.

New Holland Agriculture Widens Extensive T6 Tractor Range With Unique 6 Cylinder T6 160 Dynamic Command 571982New Holland Agriculture

Automation and ergonomics for effortless productivity

A host of automated functions makes it easy to power through a long day of work with consistently high productivity. These include the Ground Speed Management II (GSM II) control package exclusive to New Holland and designed to increase the tractor’s efficiency by automatically maintaining the target speed set by the operator while reducing fuel consumption. 

Another productivity-boosting feature is the Smart Range Shift that ensures the correct gear is always engaged when making a range shift, while any overlap gears from one range to the next are skipped giving sequential ratios and rapid acceleration.   

The T6.160 Dynamic Command also features New Holland’s  award-winning SideWinder II armrest with fully integrated IntelliViewTM IV ultra-wide colour touchscreen and CommandGrip multifunction handle, which provide the highest levels of comfort and ease of operation.