STEYR Updates Multi and Kompakt Tractors with Stage V Engines

The new engines provide increased torque and power to help improve productivity for farmers.

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The Multi and Kompakt series, the best-selling tractors in the STEYR® range and among the most versatile models in the brand’s line-up, now feature a new 3.6-L engine, with newly-developed advanced Stage V emission technology, bringing more power and more torque.

New engine for the Multi

Well-established as a general all-rounder and an Alpine agriculture specialist, with characteristics ranging from a 32x32 transmission with automatic range-changing to a low center of gravity, plus the high quality ‘Made in Austria’ hallmark of STEYR, the three-model 100-120 hp Multi range is now powered by a new 3.6-L FPT F5 four-cylinder engine. This provides the benefits of common rail fuel injection, four valves per cylinder versus two on the former models, and more displacement than the superseded Stage IV 3.4-L engine. Despite the increase in capacity, there are no changes to the engine’s dimensions or cooling package, enabling these tractors to retain their compact format.

This is further aided by the new emissions aftertreatment technology that integrates a diesel oxidation catalyst, a maintenance-free diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction in a single unit arrangement under the hood, for excellent operator visibility and vehicle maneuverability. The 4100 Multi and 4110 Multi models benefit from small increases in engine power and all new models offer 5% more torque for better performance. Maximum torque is now reached at 1,300 rpm rather than 1,500 rpm, further enhancing fuel efficiency.

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In addition, Multi tractors can also be equipped with the established STEYR electronic front hitch control with/without front PTO, while electro-proportional mid-mount valves are available with the mechanical rear remotes. All models now come with luxury cab features similar to those on their larger siblings, including floor carpeting and leather steering wheel, and adopt the styling of other new STEYR tractors. For enhanced visibility and safety, further specification includes two additional LED worklights on the rear cab pillars, while both hydraulic and air trailer brakes are fitted for increased braking performance.

Kompakt series upgraded

Designed to be light, maneuverable and flexible, yet offer many of the benefits of larger tractors, the five-model 80-120 hp STEYR Kompakt series tractors also now meet Stage V specification, courtesy of the same new FPT F5 3.6-L engine now used in the Multi. Engine power has been increased and torque levels are greater, by up to 10% depending on model, with maximum torque again achieved at a fuel-saving lower engine speed of 1,300 rpm.

As with the Multi tractors, the Kompakt series now benefits from a maintenance-free diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction in a single compact arrangement under the hood for excellent visibility and maneuverability. Serviceability has also been improved, with engine fuel and oil filters accessed from one side of the tractor.