New Volvo L260H Wheel Loader Offers 15% Payload Increase

Introduced at CONEXPO 2017, Volvo's L260H features larger bucket sizes to help increase payload while the high pressure hydraulic system allows for faster cycle times and increased lift force.

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Introducing the L260H, the latest addition to Volvo Construction Equipment’s H-Series range designed for heavy-duty applications. At 34-tonnes, the machine is purpose-built to load on-highway trucks in just two even passes.

Up up up!

When compared to previous models, the numbers speak for themselves. The L260H boasts 5% more horsepower and torque, 15% increase in payload and features larger bucket sizes. Add the revolutionary Volvo Co-Pilot with Load Assist, and intelligently redesigned lifting-arm system and frame, and the result is greater fuel efficiency, faster cycle times, increased on-site productivity, maximum operator comfort and simpler serviceability.

Engineered for efficiency

Fitted with the latest 310 kW (416 hp) Volvo D13J engine, the H-Series wheel loader delivers a powerful and efficient performance. The Stage IV/Tier 4 Final-compliant engine produces high torque – 2,343 Nm (1,728 ft.-lbs.) – at low engine speeds to minimize emissions and fuel consumption. The passive regeneration automatically cleans the Diesel Particulate Filter during normal operation, without input from the operator or negatively impacting performance. The new-generation machine is also equipped with an efficient cooling fan that draws power only when needed. Lower fan speeds reduce noise, resulting in greater operator comfort and a lower total cost of ownership.

Fuel efficiency is enhanced by the Volvo-patented OptiShift technology, which integrates the Volvo Reverse By Braking (RBB) function and new torque converter with lock-up to reduce fuel consumption significantly. Ideal for short cycle or truck loading applications, the RBB senses the loader’s direction and slows the machine by automatically applying the service brakes instead of the torque converter, thereby increasing fuel efficiency, operator comfort and machine lifetime. The driveline lock-up, meanwhile, improves drive response, rim pull, incline performance and fuel efficiency. Also contributing to fuel efficiency is the unique new transmission, featuring the Volvo Fully Automatic Power Shift (FAPS) concept. Proven to deliver more efficient work cycles, FAPS shifts the gears to match the engine and travel speed to the best gear ratio, ensuring the loader operates in optimal gear for lower fuel consumption and wear.

Lift more, do more

Not only is the Volvo L260H one of the most efficient large wheel loaders on the market, it is also one of the most productive. The new load-sensing hydraulic system supplies power to the hydraulic functions only when required, resulting in greater on site productivity. Combined with features, including the new transmission, new converter and new rehandling bucket, the hydraulic system increases fuel efficiency by up to 10%, and offers better control over the load and attachment. Unlike previous models, the L260H does not use hydraulic pumps to lower the boom, but rather the combined gravitational effect and weight of the boom and the bucket – a feature that appears only on the L260H wheel loader. 

The high pressure hydraulic system allows for faster cycle times and increased lift force, demonstrated by the lifting-arm system, which yields 295.6 kN (66,453.5 lbs.) lift capacity. The lift arm has been redesigned to feature a lighter, stronger arm, capable of handling 15% more payload. The L260H features the proven Z-bar linkage for strong, powerful digging in hard materials, and delivers a high breakout force of 283.7 kN (63,778.3 lbs.). The L260H also offers a dump height of 3.1 m (10.2 ft.), aiding loading efficiency, as well as a 50 mm (2 in.) longer wheel base, further increasing stability.

The L260H can be specified with the optional Boom Suspension System (BBS) to enhance productivity by up to 20%. By absorbing shock and reducing the bouncing and bucket spillage when operating on uneven terrain, the BSS enables faster and more comfortable cycle times and extends the lifetime of the machine. 

Profit in every bucket

The L260H comes with two new buckets that are specifically designed to fit the machine – Volvo Rock bucket and Volvo Rehandling bucket. Optimized for the application, Volvo Rock and Volvo Rehandling buckets enable the wheel loader to perform at maximum capacity, helping customers save time, money and effort. The new buckets provide faster and more efficient bucket fill – and up to 10% better fuel efficiency.

With a 7.3 m3 (9.51 yd3) Volvo Rehandling bucket, the L260H quickly fills the truck in only two passes – two full buckets for one full truck. The new Volvo Rock bucket is larger than the model it replaces. The Rehandling kit optimizes the loader for stockpiling and loading processed material, such as sand and other aggregates.

Greater comfort, greater productivity

Built to work hard, the L260H is also designed to deliver a productive and comfortable work environment. The industry-leading Volvo Care Cab provides good visibility, comfort and features logically-grouped ergonomic controls, helping the operator achieve an efficient and productive operation. The spacious air conditioned interior is insulated from noise and vibrations – the latter thanks to viscous cab mounts and air suspended seat. And with state-of-the-art hydraulic controls, the operator is better able to customize the operation according to their preferences.

With a large expanse of glass, the ROPS/FOPS protected cab provides an unhampered view of the jobsite. Visibility can be further improved, thanks to the rear-view mirrors displayed on the revolutionary on-board Volvo Co-Pilot display, that when fitted with the optional Load Assist, provides operators with real-time insight into the operation.

Locked and loaded

The L260H wheel loader offers simple service and maintenance requirements that promote high uptime. The new frame provides easy access to conveniently grouped checkpoints. The tilting cab can be operated hydraulically – the first of its kind in its size class – and convenient ground-level access to the engine compartment. Accumulators are located on the exterior of the BSS for easy maintenance repairs. These features combine to help operators conduct maintenance and inspections more efficiently with less downtime, increasing productivity and performance.

Volvo also offers a range of aftermarket solutions to maximize uptime and help customers better control costs. Genuine Volvo Parts, advanced electronic monitoring diagnostics, MATRIS™ software and Customer Support Agreements are just some of the many solutions that are designed to help ensure the Volvo L260H maximizes return on investment for owners. Like all Volvo machines, the L260H wheel loader is supported by a global service infrastructure of technicians, workshops and dealers.