Mecalac Launches Compact Railroad Excavator

The 216MRail excavator is purpose-built to be compact for enhanced agility, safety and operator visibility.

Mecalac 216 M Rail 2
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Mecalac introduces the 216MRail, a dedicated compact railroad excavator for railway construction and maintenance. The 216MRail features a leading lifting performance-to-weight ratio for efficiency and productivity on the rails. In addition, the excavator is purpose-built to be compact for enhanced agility, safety and operator visibility. The design also features intuitive controls and ease of maintenance.

“Railroad maintenance is a growing industry worldwide, and the 216MRail is an ideal method for efficient and safe railway work,” says Peter Bigwood, General  Manager for Mecalac North America. “Mecalac has collaborated with railroad equipment manufacturers in the past, but this new, specifically engineered machine demonstrates our dedication to the industry. Customers will now have a simple, effective solution for their maintenance needs.”

Leading Performance

The 216MRail excavator features a boom optimized for lifting applications and is perfectly balanced for optimal railway performance thanks to an innovative design that combines a lowered center of gravity and a centered upper carriage. The machine’s lifting capacity is unrivaled at up to 8.5 tons (8 metric tonnes) on rails. The equipment features a low operating weight of 44,092 lbs. (20 tonnes) and features the same power as machines that weigh up to 50,700 lbs.  (23 tonnes). Boasting hydrostatic transmission, the 216MRail drives smoothly and comfortably on rails, reaching 19 mph (30 km/h) on rail or road. It also features pneumatic braking and is capable of towing a trailer.

Enhanced Agility & Safety

The 216MRail features increased maneuverability and mobility thanks to a compact design and four steering wheels. The purpose-built machine is suited to work under overhead lines up to 14 ft. (4.3 m) with the arm lowered. The equipment’s unique design ensures 360-degree visibility, enhancing the safety of operators and other onsite personnel. To enhance safety, the spacious double cab allows for two operators.

Streamlined design

The 216MRail features a low cost of ownership as a result of ease of maintenance features and durable components. It features a hydrostatic transmission that reduces tire wear, as well as an innovative Eco Mode and “on-demand” system that helps reduce fuel consumption. Mecalac designed the machine to allow convenient daily maintenance and diesel fueling at ground level.

Simple Innovation

The 216MRail features a simple interface for ease of use. The screens are easy to read and configure, showing useful data in real time. Driver assistance functions like cylinder coupling and rail mode are available with a simple switch. The machine adapts to the operator.

The machine is available in all countries where rail spacing follows the standard dimensions of 4 ft., 8 in. (1,435 mm) and complies with the future European standard EN15746.

The 216MRail is produced by Mecalac in Annecy, France, and is covered by the company’s 2-year warranty.