Volvo CE Launches New Mid-Sized Wheeled Excavator

The EWR130E features a short front and rear swing radius for use in confined spaces.

Ewr130 E Stage V
Volvo Construction Equipment
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Volvo Construction Equipment is launching a new mid-sized wheeled excavator, the EWR130E, which gives the shortest front and rear swing radius in its size class without compromising on lifting performance or digging force.

With a rear swing of 5 ft. 1 in. and a front swing of 5 ft. 11 in., the EWR130E has the shortest swing radius in the 12- to 13-ton range. When coupled with new four-wheel steering and in-line outrigger options, the result is a machine that is easy to control and stable.

“We’ve seen demand grow for wheeled excavators in North America due to their combination of mobility and strong performance,” said John Waldron, Product Manager, Wheeled Excavators, Volvo CE. “We’re pleased to add to one of the most complete line-ups on the market with our ninth wheeled excavator model.”

Confined worksites welcome

The new EWR130 is ideal for urban jobs where frequent roading is required, and in confined jobsites or on roads where traffic safety is paramount. It’s also light enough to use on landscaping projects. The inline outriggers help position and stabilize the machine in tight spaces. The excavator has a considerably lower center of gravity compared to equivalent machines, which adds to its stability. A new divided blade option helps provide additional levelling on uneven ground or around curbs.

The standard two-piece boom enables lifting up to 9,480 lbs. (4.3 t) at a 19.7-ft. (6 m) reach. Its smart design combined with the 121-hp (90 kW) D4J Volvo engine delivers best-in-class breakout force and superior tear-out force.

Features boost maneuverability and flexibility

One of the EWR130’s most convenient features is its ability to drive from one jobsite area to another at speeds of up to 22 mph (35 km/h). Furthermore, a Boom Suspension System engages at speeds above 3 mph (5 km/h) to absorb shocks and reduce bouncing when hauling material over rough terrain.

The EWR130E with tow hitch can pull a trailer weighing 6,600 lbs., or 17,600 lbs. (3-8 t) when fitted with additional overrun brakes. In situations when driving is not practical, the machine’s low height and optimized tie-down points on the lower frame make transportation fast and easy.

Additionally, the EWR130 includes the optional Volvo Dig Assist machine control system, offering In-Field Design, 3D excavation software and new On-Board Weighing apps, all displayed on the 10-in. Volvo Co-Pilot tablet.

Additional features of the EWR130 include:

  • A spacious cab that is comparable to full-sized excavators
  • A low superstructure, counterweight, hood and doors that enhance visibility to the rear
  • Best-in-class visibility to the right, with no parts blocking the view
  • Programmable pressure and flow for up to 32 attachments
  • Optional Volvo Smart View, which includes three cameras attached to the frame to create a bird’s eye view of the machine, visible on the in-cab monitor
  • Unobstructed views from right side window
  • A range of optional LED light packages
  • New mudguard options