Kobelco Introduces High & Wide Excavators for North American Market

Kobelco's SK260 and SK300 High & Wide excavators feature an increased ground clearance for smooth travel over forest floors and double grouser shoes for a better grip.

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KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA introduces the SK260 and SK300 High & Wide (H&W) models in North America. Designed specifically for forestry applications, these new excavators boast generous ground clearance and increased crawler width for ultimate performance on rough or hilly terrain.

The KOBELCO SK260 and SK300 H&W excavators are the perfect match for the harshest environments. Travel is smooth and unhindered on forestry sites strewn with stumps and rocks thanks to an increased ground clearance of 2 ft. 7 in. on both models, as well as double grouser shoes for better grip. The extra crawler width of 11 ft. 8 in. on the SK260 H&W and 12 ft. on the SK300 H&W allows for dependable stability and improved lifting capacity.

Built with Tier 4 Final HINO engines and highly efficient hydraulic systems, KOBELCO’s SK260 and SK300 H&W excavators minimize fuel consumption and maximize power. With nimble movement and ultimate digging capabilities, these excavators deliver outstanding productivity. KOBELCO’s 178 hp, 63,100-lb. SK260 H&W has a suggested bucket capacity of 1.31 cu. yd., an impressive digging force of 35,000-lbs.-ft. and a maximum digging reach of 33 ft. 9 in. The 252 hp, 73,700-lb. SK300 H&W excavator has a suggested 1.57 cu. yd. bucket capacity, boasts a digging force of 37,300-lbs.-ft. and has a maximum digging reach of 35 ft. 8 in. 

KOBELCO designed the SK260 and SK300 H&W models to provide unbeatable durability to take on the toughest terrain. These models feature full track guides to eliminate the concern of de-tracking, a reinforced guide frame to withstand heavy impact and large, double-support, outer-flanged upper rollers unfazed by powerful vibrations.

The SK260 and SK300 H&W excavators can be equipped with various attachments for forestry applications.