Komatsu Introduces 931XC-3 8WD Harvester and 855-3 Forwarder

Both machines are engineered for the rugged terrain of forestry and logging work and can operate under difficult conditions.

931XC-3 wheeled harvester
931XC-3 wheeled harvester
Komatsu America Corp.

Forestry equipment operates under difficult and demanding conditions. Engineered for the rugged terrain of forestry and logging work, Komatsu offers two new machines, the 931XC-3 8WD harvester and the 855-3 forwarder.

931XC-3 (eXtreme Conditions) harvester

Designed for extreme conditions from smarter thinning to heavy-duty final felling, Komatsu’s 931XC-3 8WD harvester is exceptionally maneuverable in most types of forests and terrain. With an effective mix of power, torque and fuel economy, the harvester’s system has been optimized for low working speeds, including a broad powerband and high torque backup for challenging operations.

Unique 8WD system

For excellent handling, the 8WD unique double Komatsu Comfort Bogie drive system follows the terrain more closely than other 8WD machines with a fixed rear-axle design, greatly reducing rear ground pressure. It offers high ground clearance and enhanced traction; hydrostatic transmission matching power and traction; and automatic cab/crane leveling.

Powerful parallel crane

Promote enhanced production with a single control lever movement that extends the boom/arm on a parallel path. The three-pump hydraulic system enables simultaneous slewing, feeding and maneuvering, plus a ±180 degree cab/crane rotation with automatic 4-way cab/crane leveling.

Modern, large, spacious cab

Critical to productivity are operator comfort and visibility. The automotive-quality cab on the 931XC-3 8WD harvester includes a giant front window, ergonomic seat, automatic climate control, sound-deadening measures, and heated and cooled meal storage, as well as an easy-to-understand machine interface.

855-3 forwarder

To help operators deliver productivity day after day, Komatsu has developed the 14-metric-ton class 855-3 forwarder. This machine works with operators to offer power, nimbleness and smart features.

Machine and crane control

Operators can monitor and control everything from engine and crane to the transmission and service ladders with the state-of-the-art MaxiXT system. All operator-specific functions can be fine-tuned to achieve the sensitivity and speed each individual operator prefers.

Smooth and fast transport

Chassis and suspensions designed to maneuver through even the most rugged forests when fully loaded. Komatsu Comfort Bogie axles with a high portal offset and V-shaped frames provide high ground clearance.

HD stacking blade

If an operation requires ground or stump leveling on tough terrain, an optional heavy-duty stacking blade is available. Mounted with a high angle of departure for climbing obstacles, there’s no interference between blade, battery boxes or hood guard.

855-3 forwarder855-3 forwarderKomatsu America Corp.