Komatsu Introduces Redesigned Joy 02ESV Scoops

The battery-powered machines are equipped with OptiDrive technology designed to improve motor performance and reduce maintenance costs.

Joy 02 Esv Scoop Image 2
Komatsu Mining Corp.

Scoops are true utility workhorses in your soft rock mine. They handle multiple tasks, including maintenance, re-supply, clean-up and rock dusting. To help get the job done, the redesigned battery-powered Joy 02ESV scoops offer excellent operator comfort and robust time between charges.

Equipped with OptiDrive technology developed specifically for these next-generation 240V machines, OptiDrive can improve reliability, boost operator productivity, improve motor performance and help reduce maintenance costs. OptiDrive is easier to maintain and troubleshoot because it has fewer cable runs.

Designed to help minimize downtime, these scoops have new electronics that eliminate switches, and the color display provides real-time operational and fault information to keep operators informed. Additional drive input modules allow the OptiDrive control system to interface with third-party proximity detection systems.

Specifications of the new Joy 02ESV scoops

ModelRecommended Seam HeightBucket CapacityMaximum Payload
02ESV3691-60 cm (36-63 in.)3 m3 (120 ft.3)18,197 kg (40,118 lbs.)
02ESV56142-211 cm (56-83 in.)4 m3 (140 ft. 3)27,591 kg (60,827 lbs.)
02ESV60142-211 cm (56-83 in.)5 m3 (165 ft.3)28,743 kg (63,367 lbs.)

With less heat and noise compared to diesel power, the 240V battery power contributes to improved working conditions. These Joy scoops also have improved motor efficiency for increased motor life and enhanced tramming, while improved ergonomics help keep operators more comfortable.

To provide increased power and reduced downtime in the most demanding applications, the scoops are equipped with robust Dana drive axles configured specifically for the application.

For durability and longevity, the center section has been redesigned and includes heavy-duty pivot bearings and pins. The frame is rigorously engineered for reliability and transporting heavy payloads.