Renault Trucks Launching 2019 T and T High Models with 3% Reduction in Fuel Savings

In addition to fuel savings, the new truck models reduce emissions 3% and include technology for improved operator comfort.

Rt Cp T 2019 T 480 Bleu Optiful Frigo Mer Ssm

Renault Trucks is launching the 2019 vintage of its Long Distance range on its T and T High models. Equipped with a new Euro 6 Step D engine, the T 2019 range offers a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 3% compared to the previous generation. It also benefits from new equipment that increases the comfort of driving and life on board. 

Fuel economy up to 3%, reduction of CO2 emissions down to 3% Rt Cp T 2019 Frise Model Year 2019

The Renault Trucks T and T High Version 2019 are already equipped with 11 engines and DTI DTI 13 Euro 6 Step D, according to the regulations which come into force on September 1, 2019. They are associated with a new generation particulate filter incorporating new materials for increased durability. An Adblue quality sensor has also been added and the seventh injector has been removed.

The Renault Trucks T 2019 is equipped with a new generation Optivision system. This predictive cruise control, which uses road topography to optimize shifting, now stores the data directly in the vehicle. Driver comfort is increased, as there is no loss of connection, even in areas where GPS does not provide information, such as tunnels. In addition, information related to the course is more accurate and allow the driver to better anticipate his journey.

Finally, adaptive Cruise Control Eco Cruise Control incorporates new settings, for more fuel efficiency.

The combination of these new equipment and improvements can achieve a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 3% compared to the previous generation.

Driving comfort and life on board increased

In this 2019 version, the cabin of the T-series vehicles presents new high-end finishes. Rt Cp T 2019 T High 520 Dti13 Tableau De Bord

Inside, the vehicle gets a carbon-finished dashboard with reminder on the inside of the doors, a black leather upholstery and a new harmony of gray roof sky. On the outside, the grille and mirrors are now customizable. Two paintings are proposed for this personalization: shiny black or anodized orange. The identification plates of vehicles are given a simplified and more visible name with the name of the vehicle, its power and its engine. A line customizable by the customer remains available.

The Renault Trucks T and T High version 2019 are already available to order.