New Komatsu Europe Wheel Loader Includes Hydrostatic Transmission, Stage IV Engine

The new Komatsu WA320-8 wheel loader features a fourth generation Hydrostatic Transmission to help prolong brake life and increase control in slippery conditions.

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Komatsu Europe presents the new WA320-8 wheel loader, an all-around utility performer for almost any worksite, with an attachment-friendly quick coupler, an EU Stage IV engine and up to 3 % lower fuel consumption.

Built on the recognized benefits of its predecessor, the Komatsu WA320-8 offers an outstanding combination of stability, breakout power and tractive effort. Its parallel-lift linkage, with auto tilt-in to simulate a Z-bar, can be used in virtually any application from pallet handling to hard digging.

A fourth generation Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) helps prolong brake life, thanks to dynamic braking, while S-Mode gives the operator maximum control in slippery conditions. This latest addition to the Komatsu wheel loader family combines high production, improved operator comfort and reduced fuel consumption.

“With this new machine, Komatsu fills the customer’s need for easy operations and high versatility,” says Dadgar Shayan, Product Manager for Wheel Loaders. “The combination of an advanced hydrostatic drive line and the Parallel Z-bar kinematics offer large break-out and lift forces that make bucket filling easy and quick, and the WA320-8 ideal for loading material and for earthmoving jobs.”

Komatsu EU Stage IV Engine: Less fuel and cleaner air

The powerful and clean Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 engine on the WA320-8 puts out a net horsepower of 127 kW (170 hp). The machine’s Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) and other aftertreatment components work together with the engine for improved efficiency and longer life.

A new Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system further reduces NOx emissions by 80% using AdBlue. The engine’s advanced electronic control system manages the air-flow rate and the fuel injection, combustion parameters and aftertreatment functions: along with ultralow emissions performance is optimized. Advanced diagnostic capabilities are provided and the “Auto-Idle Shutdown” system prevents unnecessary fuel consumption.

Reduced Operating Costs

Komatsu’s redesigned digging bucket further improves penetration and is easier to fill, with a longer bucket bottom, a modified shape of the back and side walls, and a new design of the spill guard. It offers increased operating comfort, boosts the new wheel loader’s productivity and helps to reduce fuel consumption.

The WA320-8’s engine can always operate at highest efficiency thanks to precise engine control, reduction of the EGR rate and an upgraded VGT. A new engine controller and advanced injection timing help to increase productivity and also reduce fuel consumption, whatever the job.

KOMTRAX telematics and Komatsu Care, a complimentary maintenance program, offer top fleet management and support, protect the machine against misuse and guarantee maximum efficiency and uptime.

Increased Comfort for more productivity

The new finger-type joystick steering allows more accurate steering by the operator who can now sit relaxed in the new air-suspended and fully adjustable seat to control the machine, with no big effort needed for frequent steering. Less fatigue, and work in a perfectly adapted operating position, can contribute to improved concentration and to the quality and efficiency of the work.

In first gear, a “Creep” mode allows the operator to dial-in travel speed from 1-13 km/h an hour, and is easily controlled via a knob on the right hand console.

More benefits

A 7-in., full color, high-resolution monitor provides key machine metrics including KDPF status and AdBlue e-level data, fuel consumption, and performance. Messages from the ECO Guidance system are displayed in real-time during operation and on the exit screen when the ignition is turned off. The ECO guidance menu enables the operator to check logs for operation, ECO guidance and fuel consumption. These records can be used to reduce the overall fuel consumption and can be collected and sorted by the operator.

Cleaning and maintenance are easier than ever. The cooling fan swings out and has wider fin spacing and a standard auto-reversing function. Gull-wing engine doors provide a quick, convenient access for daily checks and service. Full rear fenders are standard, a sight gauge on the AdBlue fill cap minimizes overfilling, and additional hinged panels on either side of the machine simplify access to regeneration components.