Atlas Copco Introduces PowerROC T45 Drill Rig with Telescoping Boom

Atlas Copco's new PowerROC T45 features a telescoping boom and drills precise holes with diameters from 3-5 in.

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Drillers in the construction, aggregate and limestone quarrying industries have a powerful yet highly flexible new surface drill rig with low cost of ownership. The Atlas Copco PowerROC T45, with telescoping boom, drills precise holes from 3-5 inches in diameter.

The PowerROC T45 rig’s superior reliability, penetration rate and ease of maintenance are based on the characteristically straightforward, modular design of the PowerROC Series. The basic rig configuration comes equipped with RD 22S hydraulic rock drill and 370 cfm air compressor.

The Power Eco feature of the PowerROC T45 saves on fuel consumption by allowing the operator to select one of three engine speeds – 2,000 rpm, 2,100 rpm or 2,200 rpm. Fuel economy will vary by rock conditions. However, in soft rock conditions drillers on average have seen 10% or greater reduced fuel consumption. 

A 20-ft. lead rod plus a three-rod, carousel-style rod handling system gives the operator an on-board depth capability to 54 ft. with single pass capability of 18 ft.

A hydraulic smooth drilling system controls the rock drill power level, feed force and rotation torque in response to changing rock conditions. Auto-collaring and fully progressive anti-jam makes drilling smooth from start to finish and increases the life of drill accessories. 

Service and maintenance of the PowerROC T45 are easy and economical due to design features such as an adjustment-free hydraulic drilling system.