Volvo Trucks Launches New VNX Series

Volvo's new VNX Series was designed specifically for the needs of heavy-haul trucking operations, and is available in three cab configurations.

Vnx 740 Hauler Quarry
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Volvo Trucks’ rugged, yet refined new VNX Series is now available for order. Built specifically for the needs of heavy-haul trucking operations, the Volvo VNX Series packs the power and performance needed for demanding applications such as logging, heavy equipment transport, and long combination vehicles. The new VNX Series is the latest step in Volvo’s revitalization of its North American product range, complementing the new VNR Series for regional haul and the new VNL Series for long-haul operations, both introduced mid-2017. 

“We’re excited to bring the new VNX to the heavy-haul market and we know that it will live up to the expectations of those doing heavy, hard jobs,” says Göran Nyberg, President of Volvo Trucks North America. “Volvo Trucks in part built its reputation as a global heavy-duty leader by knowing how to deliver heavy loads in far less than ideal road and weather conditions.”

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The rugged new Volvo VNX Series is available in three cab configurations. The VNX 300 daycab provides muscle and maneuverability for local heavy-haul applications. The VNX 400 flat-roof regional sleeper is built for occasional overnights. The new VNX 740 features a 70-in. sleeper and all of Volvo’s latest interior enhancements, making it the perfect tool for heavy hauls over long distances. 

Approved Gross Combination Weight Ratings (GCWR) span from 125,000-160,000 lbs. Ratings of up to 225,000 lbs. are available with application approval and appropriate components. Optional steer axles, lift axles, tridem drive axles, and longer fifth-wheel slides help meet a diverse range of weight distribution requirements.

“The new VNX is the ultimate blend of Volvo’s modern, aerodynamic design and pure purpose-built performance,” says Chris Stadler, Volvo Trucks North America Product Marketing Manager – Regional Haul. “From end-to-end, every feature of the VNX is built to stand up to any heavy-haul job you throw at it. Improvements are easy to see throughout the VNX including the bumper, axles, suspensions, braking, powertrain, and more.”

Heavy-Haul Components

Available in 6x4 tandem, 8x4 tandem, and 8x6 tridem configurations, the Volvo VNX offers a wide range of heavy-haul components to ensure it’s properly spec’d for the job. Front axle ratings range from 16,000-20,000 lbs. with parabolic springs. The VNX is available with up to 445 tires to match front axle load capacity. Available rear axles range from 46,000-55,000 lbs. and the premium rear heavy-haul suspension ranges up to 52,000 lbs. Dual steering gears provide excellent maneuverability while under a heavy load. The imposing VNX provides an increased ride height to accommodate more articulation and front ramp angle, while the VNX bumper features a heavy-duty tow pin and center tow frame that equalizes forces to the chassis.

Power-Packed Powertrain

The standard powertrain package for the new Volvo VNX is a Volvo D13 engine with 500 hp and 1,850 lbs.-ft. of torque, paired with the 13- or 14-speed Volvo I-Shift with Crawler Gears automated manual transmission.

“The performance and reliability of the Volvo D13 engine has been proven through billions of miles and on jobsites all around the world,” says John Moore, Volvo Trucks North America Product Marketing Manager – Powertrain. “The Volvo D13 engine with 500 hp, 1,850 lbs.-ft. of torque is a beast and the perfect pair with the Volvo I-Shift with Crawler Gears for serious heavy-haul jobs.”

Volvo’s new VNX Series is also available with up to 605 hp and 2,050 lbs.-ft. of torque, provided by the Cummins X15 Performance Series engine and paired with an Eaton Ultra Shift Plus or manual transmission. 08 A9691 Org V1 From 08 A9689

Setting the Safety Standard

Like all Volvo models, the new VNX Series cab is built with high-strength steel and exceeds both the Volvo Swedish Cab Safety Test and ECE R-29 rollover requirements. The industry’s only standard driver’s side airbag is now joined by an integrated, seat-mounted rollover airbag on the driver’s side.

Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST), an electronic stability control system, is standard on all Volvo VNX models. By continually monitoring operating parameters, VEST detects imminent loss of control, jackknife, or rollover events. The system automatically reduces engine torque and selectively applies braking to help the driver keep the truck on course .

The Volvo VNX Series is equipped with automotive-quality LED headlights that produce abundant bright light to improve visibility. Automatic lighting and rain-sensing wipers are also available to improve safety.

Premium Interior Comfort

“The new VNX is a heavy-haul work tool for demanding jobs, and it gives professional drivers a comfortable working environment for performing at their best,” says Stadler. “The workspace was designed for maximum comfort and productivity, while the sleeper was designed to offer drivers a calm, restful space for their hours off the road.”

The dashboard on the VNX has been optimized to reduce distraction by displaying the critical information a professional driver needs at a quick glance and by grouping frequently used controls within easy reach. A configurable, five-inch color driver information display with improved graphics works with steering wheel-mounted controls providing key operating information, as well as the ability to choose your preferred diagnostic data.

A dash-top tray with multiple USB and 12V connections provides a safe, convenient home for a driver’s many gadgets, which can also be linked to the optional in-dash infotainment system. Always in view, the instrument cluster’s clean, symmetrical layout and diffused, light-green backlighting makes it easy to read, reducing eyestrain and fatigue. 

Superior Connectivity

All Volvo VNX models come standard with Volvo’s factory-installed connectivity hardware for access to Remote Diagnostics, which provides proactive diagnostics and monitoring of critical engine, transmission and aftertreatment trouble codes. The same hardware also allows customers to perform software and parameter updates over-the-air with Remote Programming, which helps improve uptime and vehicle efficiency, while reducing downtime costs.

Support for Volvo trucks is provided by Volvo Action Service (VAS), a dedicated team of professionals available around the clock at Volvo’s world-class Uptime Center in Greensboro, NC. VAS agents monitor critical vehicle codes and go beyond diagnostic technology to deliver actionable solutions. If an issue is detected, VAS agents will assess the severity and provide the vehicle’s designated contact with actionable information to determine whether to keep operating the truck or take it for immediate service. All details from the service process are captured and tracked through ASIST, Volvo’s online service management and communication platform. This gives the driver, customer contact and dealer real-time visibility to case status, repair scheduling, and parts and service bay availability. Remote Programming updates are also facilitated by VAS agents.