Caterpillar Improves Speed and Productivity on Electric Drive Cat 988K XE Wheel Loader

The updated 988K XE wheel loader features to 10% faster downhill speed, improved rimpull and increased hydraulic breakout force for up to 5% better production.

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Caterpillar Inc.
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Built on a solid switch reluctance technology foundation leveraging more than 15 years of Caterpillar electric drive experience, updates to the Cat 988K XE deliver up to 10% faster downhill speed, improved rimpull and increased hydraulic breakout force for up to 5% better production. The updated design improves cycle times in load and carry applications, while an optional counterweight increases stability and offers faster maneuverability with these tasks.

A new Go-Pedal for the 988K XE features three dynamic breaking levels to give operators easier single right-hand pedal operation. Standard Tire Slip Prevention reduces tire slip and wear to increase tire life and lower owning costs.

New optional Cat Autodig features simplify the digging phase to increase dig cycle optimization by up to 10%. Further reducing tire slip and wear, available Auto Set Tires sets the front tires to promote proper loading techniques. Lift stall prevention technology automatically manages rimpull in-dig to prevent hydraulic stall while lifting through the face, so the 988K XE spends less time in the pile.

Teaching proper operating techniques, newly available Cat Operator Coaching helps increase machine efficiency and delivers up to 15% faster cycle times and 10% better bucket fill factors. Among other procedures, it shows how to properly shorten travel, avoid unracking in-dig, enter the pile with a level bucket, reduce the dump height and use the kickout. The coaching feedback also results in up to 15% less fuel consumption.

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Increased efficiency

The field proven switch reluctance electric drive technology of the 988K XE increases overall efficiency by 25% and face-loading application efficiency by up to 49% compared to the 988K. Economy mode operation reduces rated speed of the durable Cat C18 engine to further reduce fuel consumption. Increased hydraulic speed and faster cycle times achieved by the 988K XE decrease idle time and fuel burn to increase loader efficiency. Greenhouse gas reductions through operating the electric drive versus the mechanical drive model are equivalent to up to 1 year of electricity use for nearly 10 homes.

A new steering and integrated control (STIC) valve offer up to 47% quieter operation, and the system delivers precise machine control with minimal arm movements to increase comfort and improve loading accuracy and efficiency. Modulating the left pedal from 100% to 25%, the new rimpull control system (RSC) reduces the potential for wheel slippage without reducing hydraulic efficiency. The loader’s new positive flow control (PFC) hydraulic system increases efficiency, bucket feel and responsiveness to deliver consistent performance.

With data displayed inside the cabin in real-time, available Cat Payload on the 988K XE provides accurate weighing of loaded materials to improve truck loading efficiency by reducing overloading and underloading. When combined with optional Advanced Productivity technology, the 988K XE provides comprehensive actionable payload information to help improve operational productivity and profitability.

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With standard Cat Vision to enhance visibility behind the loader, the 988K XE features 43-degree steering articulation to achieve precise positioning in tight areas for efficient truck loading. The loader offers a rated payload of 11.3 tonnes (12.5 tons) when working with face material and 14.5 tonnes (16 tons) with loose material and can be equipped with a range of buckets with capacities from 4.7-13 m3 (6.2-17 yd3). It is performance matched to offer efficient 3-pass loading of the 38.2-tonne (42.1-ton) Cat 770G and 4-pass loading of the 46.8-tonne (51.6-ton) Cat 772G. Its high-lift configuration delivers 5-pass loading of the 55.3-tonne (61-ton) Cat 773G and 6-pass loading of the 64-tonne (70.5-ton) Cat 775G.