EU Stage-V Compliant Crawler Excavators

Hyundai’s EPIC system has been adopted to make the most of the additional performance provided by the Cummins B4.5 diesel engine.

Hx160 A L Hx180 A L

Hyundai Construction Equipment announced the launch of two EU Stage V compliant A-Series crawler excavators, the HX160A L and the HX180A L. These mid-weight machines are powered by the latest Cummins diesel engines, achieving Stage V emissions standards without the need for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). 

Features include: 

  • Cummins EU Stage V B4.5 diesel engine delivers 13% increase in power and 27% more torque than previous models
  • Up to a 5% improvement in fuel consumption in levelling and truck loading operations in P mode
  • Particulate reduction of 60% with no requirement for EGR
  • New lifting mode improves fine hydraulic control, using engine rpm reduction, power boost action and pump flow control
  • Upgraded Electric Pump Independent Control (EPIC) optimizes hydraulic pump flow rate and power to match the machine’s working conditions

Hyundai’s EPIC system has been adopted to make the most of the additional performance provided by the Cummins B4.5 diesel engine. Both excavators benefit from a 115-kW (155-hp) gross power output, with a 712-Nm peak torque available at 1,200 rpm. Twin variable displacement hydraulic pumps deliver 160 liters per minute of flow.

Improved control of the engine output and the hydraulic system has resulted in increased fuel efficiency, with the excavators achieving a 5% efficiency gain against the previous HX Series when levelling and truck loading in P Mode. By optimizing the design of the main control valve and hydraulic hose routing, Hyundai has also minimized energy losses within the system.

A new lifting mode improves fine control and lift capability, reducing engine rpm, activating power boost and offering improved pump flow control. The machines are also offered with an optional Fine Swing Control, smoothing the movement of the boom at the start and stop of the swing movement. An Auto Safety Lock is offered as standard, preventing unintended operation of the hydraulic functions of the excavator.

The HX160A L has an operating weight of 17,455 kg to 19,050 kg, while the HX180A L weighs 18,140 kg to 19,985 kg. Both maybe supplied with a range of track pads, from 500 mm to 700 mm, while the HX180A L can be equipped with a low ground pressure 800-mm wide pad.

The standard monoboom length is 5,100 mm. Three dipper arms are  available at 2,200 mm; 2,600 mm; and 3,100 mm lengths. These provide maximum digging reaches of up to 9,450 mm and a maximum digging depth of 6,530 mm. 

The A Series cab provides a 13% increase in internal space for the operator, with an improved grab handle design in the cabin door. It also includes an 8-inch capacitive-type touchscreen for all major information. These excavators can also be specified with optional proportional auxiliary controls in the Kawasaki joystick lever heads.         

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