Information for Innovation

For the second year in a row, OEM Off-Highway's Annual Product Showcase and Industry Directory has been wildly successful as a strong, extensive, well-organized product resource for our design engineers and purchasing managers. We hope that the issue continues to be the go-to information source for your system integration process, but we'd like to hear from you if there are things we can be doing differently to enhance this industry-leading resource.

Also coming up is another unique industry resource exclusive to OEM Off-Highway magazine, our Engine Spec Guide. Each year, we update it with the latest engine specifications to aid in our engine selection process. In the future, we hope to release several more Spec Guides for other products to continue to offer you valuable resources to make your job a little bit easier. 

We welcome your critiques and ideas as we move forward with this process. What works and what doesn't work currently in our printed and interactive Guides that we should address prior to releasing more Spec Guides? Have you used the interactive Engine Spec Guide 2.0 at What product should we create a Spec Guide for next? Send your thoughts my way at [email protected].

The Engine Spec Guide will be packaged with our 4th Annual Green Issue, but this year we decided that the term "green" was not only overused, but also too generic for our audience. So, this year we have renamed our Green Issue The E Issue to reflect the engineering, emissions, engines, electrification, energy and efficiency that make off-road equipment sustainable and profitable.

Last year, after the launch of our 2011 Green Issue, we received a call from a life-long subscriber and soon-to-be-retiree from the industry. He called to simply say that our latest issue had "given him hope for the future of the off-road equipment industry" and that it was a great way to highlight the many considerations engineers take when implementing technology into a vehicle design.

Our only goal at OEM Off-Highway is to make your jobs a little bit easier with the information we provide, the products we create, and the resources we are able to offer. Let us know what more we can do for you to continue to make OEM Off-Highway magazine your magazine.