Training Course-Introduction To Bioengergy

A two-day course focused on ways biomass can be used for fuel, energy and power.

July 11, 2011
July 12, 2011
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United Kingdom
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Geared towards business professionals in a variety of fields, this two-day course gives a broad understanding of ways biomass can be used for fuel, energy and power. The course is designed to give a general understanding of the science and technology behind bioenergy without being too technical or biased. During the course attendees will learn the pros and cons of bioenergy, commercial and economic factors as well as problems that can yet be overcome. 

Meant to run in an informal manner, the course offers attendees to discuss and ask questions as much as possible to get a full understanding of the bioenergy field. A few simple calculations and explanatory exercises are incorporated into the course as well to help enhance the learning experience.  

Introduction to Bioenergy is one of the many training courses given by the Green Power Academy. To see a full listing of courses, visit their website at