New Tier 4 Clean Diesel Technology

Off-Road Equipment Industry Publishes Informational FAQ Report

Five leading off-road equipment industry associations today published a "frequently asked questions" (FAQ) report about Tier 4 technology – the next generation of clean diesel emissions standards established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the federal Clean Air Act. These standards apply to new diesel engines used in off-road equipment beginning in 2011.

The following groups are collaborating with the Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) on the Tier 4 FAQ report:

"Many dealers and customers have questions about how the new Tier 4 regulations will affect them," said Allen Schaeffer, DTF executive director. "So, together with our industry partners, we've developed this information to help ease the transition for prospective equipment owners, dealers, rental agencies and others in the off-road industry as the new rules come into effect."

The report includes emissions tables, technical graphics and other resources.

Among the issues addressed in the report are:

  • How Will the New Tier 4 Engines Be Different From Previous Engines?
  • Do the New Tier 4 Engines Require Different Fuel? Can I Use Biodiesel?
  • How Will Tier 4 Engines Affect the Value of My Trade-Ins?
  • What Additional Technician Training and Certifications Are Going to Be Needed?
  • What Additional Dealer Diagnostic Equipment Will Be Needed?
  • What Other Emissions-Related Issues Are We Likely to Hear About in the Future?

The report can be downloaded here and from these websites: