Eaton Hybrid Growth Continues As First Units Go into Service in Latin America

Guadalajara City Takes Delivery of Two Hybrid Buses

Eaton Corp. announced that that its innovative and efficient electric hybrid power system has expanded into the Latin America city bus market with the first delivery of two YoungMan Neoplan 12 meter Eaton hybrid-powered buses to the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. The hybrid buses will be put into intra-city service and operated by state-owned Servicios v Transportes.

“Expansion of hybrid power into Latin America and specifically the city of Guadalajara and state of Jalisco is important because it shows a commitment to bringing clean transportation to the people in the region,” said Kenneth Davis, Eaton’s Vehicle Group president for the America’s region. “Eaton is fundamentally committed to helping the world use less energy and proud that our advanced hybrid technology has been selected to assist in this effort.”

Eaton worked with YoungMan to specially design the hybrid system for its popular 12 meter Centro-liner Series model. The hybrid system combines a Cummins diesel engine with an electric motor that has a peak power output of 44 kilowatt. Eaton matches the system to an automated six-speed Eaton transmission and stores energy in four lithium-ion batteries. Additionally, Eaton equips the buses with its unique start-stop technology that automatically switches off the engine when the bus is stationary and turns it back on when power is needed. This system dramatically reduces emissions, especially at bus stops.

Eaton offers the world’s most complete line-up of hybrid power systems for commercial vehicle applications, including electric hybrid, plug-in electric hybrid and hydraulic hybrid power systems. Eaton hybrid power systems have accumulated more than 100 million miles of road-tested service around the world and contributed to the saving of more than four million gallons of fuel and reducing more than 40,000 tons of harmful emissions.