Moscow City Government Confirms Support for Diesel Emissions Conference

The Moscow City Government offers its full support for Diesel Emissions Conference Russia & CIS 2012.

The Moscow City Government has written an official letter, confirming their support for the Diesel Emissions Conference Russia & CIS 2012.

Anton Kulbachevskiy, Head of the Moscow Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, has emphasized the importance and significance of the Diesel Emissions Conference Russia & CIS 2012.

Abstract from the original letter:

“One of the key problems in Russian cities is clean air. In response to this problem, this conference addresses such vital issues as the reduction of diesel vehicle emissions in Russia and new opportunities arising from the adoption of Euro IV diesel emissions legislation. The provision of the Euro IV legislation and best available technologies are extremely timely and relevant.

The Moscow Government has a long history of addressing and dealing with the issue of clean air and has taken many steps to improve the situation, in particular the Moscow legislation to ban the entry of heavy trucks with engines that do not meet environmental requirements of Euro II into the city center. Over the next five years, all city-owned trucks will be transferred to the standard Euro IV."

Read the full document here (English translation)

Read the original document here (Russian)