DOE Announces $15 Million in Funding for Bio-Oils

The DOE announces $15 million in funding will be awarded to projects focused on developing bio-oils that can be integrated into existing oil refining processes.

Up to $15 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will be made available for biomass-based oil supplements that can be blended with petroleum. 

Development of these "bio-oils" would enable them to be integrated into refining processes for conventional gasoline, diesel and jet fuels without the need to modify existing fuel distribution networks or engines. While this would enable consumers and manufacturers to continue using existing equipment and processes, it will also help lessen the U.S.'s use of foreign oil.

The DOE anticipates funding five to 10 bio-oil prototype projects in the 2012 fiscal year. Bio-oils can be made from various feedstocks including algae, corn and wheat stovers or wood residues. 

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