UPS Adding 40% More Fuel Efficient Vehicles to Fleet

UPS announces it has ordered 150 new vehicles for its fleet that have been proven to achieve a 40% improvement in fuel efficiency.

UPS has ordered 150 CV-23 composite-body diesel vans, which testing has shown offer a 40% improvement in fuel efficiency over traditional aluminum vans. 

The CV-23 was designed with Isuzu and Utilimaster, and are 10% lighter than vehicles in UPS's fleet, such as the P70.  

Along with using lighter weight body materials, the size of the vehicle's engine has been lowered as well to help with the fuel savings. The smaller engine uses less fuel during daily operations.

UPS says the combination of powertrain technology, overall vehicle weight reduction and new body aerodynamics all contribute to the increased fuel efficiency of the CV-23.

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