GE and Clean Energy Fuels Collaborating to Expand Natural Gas Transportation Infrastructure in U.S.

GE and Clean Energy Fuels are collaborating to develop America's Natural Gas Highway, a fueling network that enables trucks to operate across the country on liquefied natural gas.

GE and Clean Energy Fuels are working together to expand the infrastructure for the United States' natural gas transportation industry. The two companies are developing America's Natural Gas Highway, which would establish a fueling network that allows trucks to operate on liquefied natural gas (LNG) from coast to coast and border to border. 

To establish this fueling network, Clean Energy Fuels will purchase two MicroLNG plants from GE Oil & Gas; the plants are plug-and-play modular units designed to quickly liquefy natural gas while minimizing the physical footprint of the worksite. The purchase of these two initial plants will help support fueling stations which are located in critical transportation areas across the U.S.

GE Energy Financial Services is providing Clean Energy Fuels with the financing necessary to purchase the plants. 

Through this partnership, Clean Energy Fuels is hopeing to establish about 70 LNG stations across the country by the end of 2012.

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