New UN Report Shows Greenhouse Gas Emissions Gap Widening

A new report from the UN Environment Programme says greenhouse gas emissions are increasing, and if changes aren't made now, the global temperature could rise above 2 C and cause irreversible damage to the environment.

The Emissions Gap Report 2012 by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the European Climate Foundation says if the world does not increase efforts to reduce climate change, emissions could rise to 58 gigatonnes (Gt) by 2020. This level is above the one scientists say is necessary to keep the global temperature from rising more than 2 C this century.

According to the report, by not making an effort now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, after 2020 even more drastic and expensive cuts will be necessary, leading to increased costs for manufacturers and consumers alike.

The report also states that a lack of action could lead to an increased risk of the global temperature rising more than 2 C, which could lead to irreversible damage to the environment. Carbon dioxide emissions have increased lately, leading total greenhouse gas emissions to rise from 40 Gt in 2000 to 50.1 Gt in 2010.

Experts say everyone from industry to residential buildings to vehicle and fuel manufacturers and even consumers and governments to make more of an effort to increase awareness as well as advance emissions-reduction technologies.  

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