U.S. Department of Energy Launches Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative

To help boost America's manufacturing industry and its global competitiveness, the DOE has launched the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has launched the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative (CEMI) as part of it, and President Obama's, goal of rejuvenating America's manufacturing industry. CEMI is focused on increasing production of clean energy technologies in the U.S. to boost not only the economy but also the country's ability to compete with other clean energy manufacturers around the world.

This new initiative consists of private sector partnerships, new funding from the DOE and enhanced analysis of the manufacturing supply chain for clean energy.

The DOE announced the initiative at a ribbon cutting ceremony at the department's new Carbon Fiber Technology Facility in Oak Ridge, TN. 

Aspects of the new initiative include: 

  • Increasing funding for clean energy manufacturing research and development that will fast-track U.S.-based manufacturing of cost-competitive clean energy technologies.
  • Providing additional energy productivity training and technical assistance for manufacturers that build on current efforts.
  • Leveraging the capabilities of national laboratories to analyze America's clean energy manufacturing competitiveness and prioritize investments which will strengthen U.S.-based  manufacturing to increase global competitiveness.
  • Hosting regional and national summits to gather input on manufacturing priorities and opportunities for accelerating clean energy manufacturing. 

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