European Commission Proposing Alternative Fuels Infrastructure to Reduce CO2 Emissions by 60%

A new directive from the European Commission will set up an alternative fuels infrastructure across Europe in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions 60% by 2050.

The European Commission has announced plans to reduce CO2 emissions by 60% through the improvement of alternative fuel infrastructure. 

Kemal Onel, a policy officer with the commission, said during the Diesel Emissions Conference & AdBlue Forum Europe that the implementation of different types of recharging and refueling technologies across Europe has created isolated fueling markets.

Through the commission's proposed directive, a common standard for alternative fuels will be put into place in all European Union countries by 2015. In addition, a minimum number of recharging and refueling stations (for hydrogen, LNG and CNG) will be developed. 

According to the commission, this directive could save 18 billion euros through benefits to the environment, improved energy security and reduced oil costs.

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