Volvo Trucks executive discussing natural gas engine technologies at Diesel Emissions Conference

During the 2013 Diesel Emissions Conference USA, Frank Bio of Volvo Trucks will discuss developments in natural gas engine technologies for heavy-duty vehicles.

Frank Bio, Director of Sales Development, Specialty Vehicle and Alternative Fuels at Volvo Trucks, will deliver a presentation detailing the developments in natural gas engine technologies for heavy-duty vehicles, at the upcoming 6th Diesel Emissions Conference & DEF Forum USA 2013.

Investments in natural gas technology and infrastructure continue to grow in North America. Industry stakeholders, particularly in the truck market, are keen to uncover the real results of natural gas use in long haul heavy-duty fleets.

Bio will compare the results of emissions reduction and vehicle efficiency between diesel and natural gas trucks. He will also discuss Volvo’s development of DME trucks and the potential future use and demand for natural gas vehicles. The presentation forms part of a coherent session on natural gas vehicles and infrastructure, that will take place during the three-day conference in October.

Other speakers and participants during the session include;

  • Don Horning, Vice President of Sales, Clean Energy
  • Jason Mathers, Senior Manager, The Environmental Defense Fund
  • Nadine Haupt, Director of Alternative Fuels & Powertrain Product Marketing, Navistar
  • Bob Wright, Vice President, Nextran Corporation

The session will be chaired by Kathryn Clay, Executive Director, The American Gas Association

The conference will take place on the October 22 to 24 at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. The conference addresses emissions control legislation and technologies across the commercial vehicle, non-road, light-duty and marine sectors, as well as hosting the industry’s leading DEF Forum.

The full program and registration details can be found here.

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