eNow partnership with Hercules Manufacturing providing two new no-idle solar solutions for fleets

eNow is partnering with Hercules Manufacturing to offer two new solar powered systems to insulated and dry freight body customers of Hercules.

Two new solar powered systems offered by eNow Inc. in partnership with Hercules Mfg. Co. will help delivery fleets meet power demands for liftgates and monitoring equipment, and adhere to stringent no idle laws. 

The solar powered systems, developed by eNow, will be available to all Hercules insulated and dry freight body customers. Each system is configured to support a vehicle's battery-charging profile, resulting in optimum battery life. 

SunTough Charge System is a new solar powered trickle charge system designed to keep vehicle batteries fully charged and conditioned while the vehicle is not running. Battery drainage can disrupt schedules, cause maintenance issues and increase operating costs. The system is ideal for vehicles that sit idle for several days, or delivery vehicles that need to power temperature monitoring equipment. 

SunLift System is a solar powered liftgate accessory battery charging system designed to reduce fuel consumption associated with idling, reduce alternator load and increase battery life. The system is designed for trucks with a heavy liftgate duty cycle, and which never fully re-charge batteries due to frequent delivery stops. 

"We are pleased to be able to offer our customers new products that are not only good for their business but also beneficial to the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions," Hercules CEO/Owner, Jeffrey A. Caddick, says. "eNow's technology is an ideal complement to the service and quality Hercules offers our customers." 

"We are proud to pair our cutting edge solar technology with one of the most respected truck body and trailer manufacturers in the country," says Jeff Flath, eNow President and CEO. "Working with Hercules is a win-win because it offers customers a way to save money and improve battery life, while extending eNow's reach to delivery fleets." 

The announcement with Hercules builds on eNow's marketing alliances in the transportation industry. Earlier this year eNow announced strategic partnerships with Bergstrom Inc. and Mitsubishi Fuso of North America. eNow's solar-based auxiliary power systems are specifically designed for the transportation industry, including medium- and heavy-duty trucks, commercial buses, school buses and military vehicles. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved the use of eNow's solar-powered auxiliary power system on heavy-duty diesel fueled vehicles.