Clean Energy commercially distributing natural gas fuel made from waste streams

Clean Energy's natural gas fuel made from waste streams, Redeem, is being made commercially available across the United States.

Clean Energy Fuels Corp., a U.S. provider of natural gas for transportation, is now commercially distributing renewable natural gas made from waste streams, including landfills, dairies and sewage plants. This fuel, known as Redeem, is being made available directly to fleets around the U.S. and at 35 public Clean Energy stations in various parts of California. 

According to the company, Redeem is up to 90% cleaner than diesel and 100% renewable.

To help make Redeem more easily accessible, Clean Energy is investing in more natural gas fueling infrastructure, which will include the construction of 400 fueling stations across the U.S. and development of numerous biomethane production facilities designed to produce Redeem.

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