Energy Department funding research to develop domestic supply chain for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

New funding from the Energy Department is available for the development of a supply chain for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies to make the U.S. more competitive in that market.

The Energy Department has announced up to $2 million to develop the domestic supply chain for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and study the competitiveness of U.S. hydrogen and fuel cell system and component manufacturing. As a part of the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative, this funding opportunity supports the department’s broader effort to boost U.S. competitiveness in the manufacturing sector.

This funding will support projects that focus on scaling-up the production of today's hydrogen and fuel cell components and systems to commercial scale. Currently, these components and systems are being built using laboratory-scale fabrication technologies, but developing a robust supply chain to support mass production of these systems can enable the market for these technologies to grow. 

To support these priorities, the Energy Department is issuing a funding opportunity to carry out outreach activities to facilitate the development and expansion of the domestic supply chain of components and systems necessary for the manufacturing and scale-up of hydrogen and fuel cell systems in the United States, and conduct a competitive analysis of global hydrogen and fuel cell manufacturing aimed at quantifying trade patterns and identifying key drivers of U.S. competitiveness.

More information, application requirements, and instructions can be found on the EERE Funding Opportunity Exchange website. Questions about the FOA can be directed to [email protected]. The submission deadline for Letters of Intent is May 30, 2014 and full responses will be due on June 30, 2014.