First Hybrid Tractor Makes Debut on the Market at EIMA 2018

Produced by Carraro Agritalia, the tractor is fueled by diesel and electricity to provide a low environmental impact and use less fuel than a traditional tractor.


According to experts, it will be the tractor of the future, eco-friendly and cost-effective. Fueled by diesel and electricity, it reduces fuel consumption and has a low environmental impact. It also requires little maintenance and guarantees greater productivity compared to traditional means.

The hybrid tractor is one of the main innovations presented these days at EIMA, the fair of agricultural machinery that is taking place in the BolognaFiere exhibition halls. Produced by Carraro Agritalia, it debuts at the show ready to be placed on the international market, increasingly sensitive to technologies that reduce risks to the environment.

Other new products in the wake of innovations under the banner of sustainability also take the stage at the event. Like the drone of Aermatica 3D, which enables the distribution of pesticides in variable rates according to the needs of the land and crops, thus avoiding unnecessary dispersion even in extreme conditions, such as on particularly steep slopes.

Among the most innovative products we also find the pneumatic sprayer with anti-drift diffuser, which significantly reduces the amount of pesticides that do not hit their target, i.e. the crop, thus reducing the possibility of pollution. The sprayer, produced by Cima, won the Blue award, aimed at technological innovations designed to protect the environment. The tracked machine developed by MDB is instead a middle ground between a tractor and a telescopic handler. It allows the farmer to perform the mowing operations of grass and shrubs, even on steeper soils, with a greater visibility than it could have with another traditional crawler, thanks to a mowing arm and a front shredder that can be operated simultaneously.

The two tractors (Landini and Same) are equipped with a communication system that allows the machine to "dialogue" with the on-board devices, simplifying the various processing phases. In all, there are 28 machines awarded at Eima International as technical innovations and 45 newly designed vehicles awarded as technical mentions.

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