Pathway Polymers Offers A Greener Tire Fill System

Pathway Polymers is offering a greener tire fill system to help customers recycle and use less oil.

Carlisle Tyr Fil Logo

Pathway Polymers, a manufacturer for the flatproofing industry, presents their video demonstrating the patented AutoFil Recycler System on Earth Day 2011. Oil, a costly and valuable natural resource, is a main element of any tire fill. The AutoFil Recycler System allows customers to recycle used polyurethane tire fill to create TyrFil Green. TyrFil Green allows customers to fill tires while using less oil. This means flatproofing tires is good for business, while still saving valuable environmental resources.

The durability of TyrFil Green has been field-proven in thousands of industrial and off-road applications. Using the AutoFil Recycler System and TyrFil Green not only keeps equipment on the job, it keeps used tire fill out of landfills. This allows an increase in production while decreasing the Earth’s carbon footprint.

The AutoFil Recycler System yields TyrFil Green, a consistently measured mix of recycled tire fill and virgin tire fill that fully replaces the air in tires. It allows equipment to operate over broken glass, nails, sharp metal, rocks, etc., with no worries of flat tires. In addition, it recycles tire fill material over and over again.

The AutoFil Recycler System reduces the need for virgin materials because it reuses tire fill to fill more tires. Based on recyclability, reliability, reduction of non-renewable raw materials, and lower cost, TyrFil Green is the best option for an environmentally responsible tire fill. The combination of TyrFil Green and the AutoFil Recycler System represent true recycling — a cycle that repeats without end.

The AutoFil Recycler System is available only through Pathway Polymers and TyrFil Green is available exclusively from Pathway Polymers dealers.